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Jan 28, 2012 07:21 PM

New H-mart in Richmond

There's a brand new H-Mart opened in Aberdeen centre in Richmond. Bewildering variety of kimchi, red pepper pastes and other Korean ingredients. They have a grand opening right now with many specials.

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  1. Happened to eat at Hot Pot One last night (top floor of Aberdeen). But we were seated by the window and I saw the new H-Mart down below, bustling with activity.

    BTW, Hot Pot One was meh.

    1. The H-mart is a bit small compared to the Coquitlam store.

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      1. re: YHC

        The Coquitlam store is quite large by any standard. The inventory is larger there too. The appliance section is pretty interesting. The Aberdeen H-Mart is about the same scale as the one on Robson St.