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Jan 28, 2012 07:00 PM

Kosher Food and Wine Experience 2012

Is anyone going this year? Last year's was amazing.

It is definitley not to be missed for you kosher foodies out there. It is on February 13 and looks like there are not many tickets left.

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I will be returning as the lure of this paean to gluttony is too strong for me to resist.

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        1. re: Kosher Critic

          I couldn't said it better myself! It was a lot of fun last year -- hoping for the same this year. I noticed that the Prime Grill group and Abigael's were not listed for this year. Too bad if that is the case.

          1. re: flo220

            I also noticed that the posted list of food vendors was smaller than last year but maybe there will be some late additions.

        2. Does it continue through the evening? I mean, is it still good if you can't get there until 7:30 or 8?

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          1. I am hoping to be at the LA one, if my friend comes up with a ticket. Being in the industry, the draw is seeing what's out there in wine, but I do enjoy Todd's creations. The first year, they clearly outshone the wines, but last year, the food played a supporting role.

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            1. re: ganeden

              Where and when is the one in LA? Is it open to the public or just industry people?

              1. re: mamaleh

                ooh! ooh! Take me! Take me!

                Seriously ganeden, do you have any information about it?

                1. re: SoCal Mother

                  I found an International Food and Wine Festival that Herzog is participating in, but it's not an clear that it's an all-kosher event.

                  1. re: SoCal Mother

                    I cannot link to my blog - as that is illegal - go figure. So here is a horrible copy and paste from my blog - again very SORRY for this long content! ONLY kosher wines and only Royal wines, but many are very good! My blog is: - I hope that is OK :-)

                    Once again Herzog is putting on its massive food and wine festival on February 15th, 2012 (MAN I still cannot get used to that number) starting at 6PM. The festival is a great place to get to taste some of those wines that are either beyond your price budget, or hard to find wines, or ones that you pass by on the shelves because you just have no idea how good they are. They will be pouring more than 100 bottles of wines, so be sure to get there early, before the crowds show up. There will be a few new faces this year, with a couple of new wine makers showing up, and a few surprises (think new kosher wineries), from what I hear. Of course, there is also the food TO DIE for, from Mr. Aarons and his staff of insanely competent chefs! So please be sure to BUY your tickets here (coupon code below). The wineries pouring will include; Flam Winery (newly Kosher), Tulip (also newly kosher), many wonderful French brands, Barkan Winery, Binyamina Winery, Carmel Winery, Castel Winery, etc. Tickets are going fast so grab one or more while you can. Like last year they will be pouring wine and spirits – from around the world. Last year they poured cognac and scotch, and the display/table was “well attended”.

                    Please note the change of scenery! The event this year will be in Los Angeles BABY!!! That is right you heard me correctly! You do not need to drive 50 minutes to and from your home; rather you can drink and eat to your heart’s content, and then crash at one of the many rooms in the lovely Hyatt Regency Century Plaza! Herzog is working out a deal with the Hyatt and will hopefully have great deals for staying there on the website soon.

                    The last four years that we have enjoyed attending this event it has been getting a bit more crowded each year. This year with all the room that the Hyatt has to offer, the hope is that there will be more than enough room to roam and taste the aromas of the world and the flavors of Todd Aaron’s world renowned Tierra Sur Restaurant. Please DO NOT worry, just because the event is at the Hyatt does NOT mean the Hyatt will be doing the catering, rather ALL food preparation will be handled by the incomparable staff of Tierra Sur Restaurant. The food will be prepared on the premises, just as if it was still in Oxnard!

                    Yes, Yes I left the best for last. Herzog is giving out a coupon out for 10% off the ticket price – use the coupon (on the page after you add the tickets to the cart) KOSHER.

                    Every year we go and every year we are so excited because it gives us a chance to taste the wines and to see what to buy for the upcoming holidays. So grab you mouse and start clicking and we look forward to seeing you all the 2012 Herzog International Food & Wine Festival.

                    This is a copy of the blog posting from Herzog’s web site:

                    Join Herzog Wine Cellars in celebrating fine wines and cuisine at the 2012 International Food & Wine Festival. Year after year, this massive event has highlighted choice wines and spirits brought in from around the globe. This year’s festival is coming to Los Angeles, CA for the first time, and is the perfect place to taste amazing, rare and hard to find wines and spirits. More than 100 labels will be poured from Royal Wine Corp’s diverse international portfolio, all in the sophisticated setting of the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza.

                    1. re: Kosher Wine Musings

                      Weird. I tried to reply to your posting from home last night and it was missing. Anyway KWMusings, thanks for the info!!!

                      It's a weeknight...(sigh)

                      1. re: SoCal Mother

                        Well, if you are a member of the trade (or have a friend in the trade who would do you a favor) , contact David Whitmore at Herzog, (805) 883-1560 for trade registration for the 1:00 pm trade tasting. Then, get a sitter and come back for the consumer tasting, which you can probably get into free with your trade pass. It's what many in the trade will be doing, and as far as cost, you can't beat free for a wonderful time. For me, the draw is the chance to draw from broad cross-section of wines, seeing what is new in the industry in terms not only of type and value, but also keeping track of stylistic trends, and the overall evolution of style in particular wines. But for others, it's a good time with great food, a time to socialize with others with mutual interests, to meet new people and get their take on things. Much easier to keep track of wines during the trade tasting, which can be crowded, but there is a quantum difference between that and the consumer tasting, which is a madhouse. It's amusing to watch "Kosher Wine Musings" trying to taste discerningly during the consumer tasting, and he may be the only one with that capability- certainly not me.