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Jan 28, 2012 05:40 PM

Chinese style steamed whole fish - something different at Maple Yip!

Currently, for patrons who love to order steamed whole fish whilst dining at GTA's Chinese restaurants, the options are usually restricted to the common Green Bass, Black Bass, Tilapia and, if one is lucky, Turbot.
However, I'm glad to let you know that for a 24 hr advance notice, Maple Yip, through their special source, can offer you ' Strawberry or Spotted Garoupa ' from the South China Sea, airfreight from Hong Kong ( subject to availability ).
We had such a fish yesterday! A 4 pound beauty at a cost of only $48!! Steamed with ginger and scallions with premium top soy sauce, the chef executed this challenging dish perfectly! As for the texture and taste of the fish?!! Wow!!!!
BTW, the Steamed whole Dungeness crab with fried rice wrapped in lotus leaves, we also ordered in advance, was pretty delicious as well!

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  1. Looks fantastic. I expect it might be tough for a gwailo to execute such an advance order, though...

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    1. re: childofthestorm

      No harm trying!! The lady owner 'Maple' do speak English!!

    2. That must have been an amazing meal. Also, a 'shout-out' to you, Charles for the mention that you received in the current North Toronto Post on p. 51.

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      1. re: Yongeman

        Actually, by MY's usual standard, that meal was a bit below par, IMO! May be the chefs were all suffering from fatigue after cooking at a furious pace during the mad Chinese new year period?!

        Really?! I don't get the North Toronto Post. I'll check my Richmond Hill post if and when its delivered?!

        1. how would your order a "strawberry" or "spotted" groupa in chinese??

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          1. re: c_snapper

            sek ban, but really, they'll know what you're asking for by using grouper/garoupa.

            1. re: c_snapper

              'Snapper' inquiring about its cousins 'Garoupa'?! Cool!!!

              'Sek Ban' per aser's input is the 'generic' term for all varietals of Garoupa. To make sure you get the tropical and NOT west coast version ask for ' Hung Sing Ban ' - Red Spotted Garoupa or ' Si Dor Bair Lay Ban ' - Strawberry Garoupa. Be sure to ask for the market price per pound to avoid being ripped off!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                Ha Ha. Si Dor Bair Lay Ban. that's a very good way to 'spell' it out. Sometimes it's so difficult to understand when folks are trying to 'pronounce' things using the English words. But Charles, you do a very good job.
                Someone should pay you to write reviews about GTA Chinese restaurants. Maybe TO Life or the Globe could have u do a monthly submission. that way, all the Cdn folks (and my daughters) will know what to order :-)

                1. re: caitlink

                  May be your posting might catch their eyes?!

            2. The original comment has been removed