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Jan 28, 2012 05:11 PM

DTW Shepherd Bakery - Warren

I will let you in on my biggest secret....Shepherd Bakery on Hoover, just north of 12 Mile. It's a grocery/bakery owned by Chaldeans and they make the best bread - they call it "Iranian Bread" and it's kind of like a pita and it is 25 cents a loaf and they bake it up hot in a pizza oven in the back. They have hummus and toum (that white garlicky sauce) in the deli case. All that and some Turkish Delight....You can stuff yourself for $3. It it SOOOOO GOOOD! Enjoy.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I could pretty much eat my weight in toum (had no idea it had a name)! Fresh, warm bread, baba, salad and toum...the food of the gods!

    1. Great tip! Sounds similar to the Iraqi bread at Hanna's Fruit Market, in the 7-11 plaza on the NE corner of 15 Mile & Ryan, also in Warren. The Hanna's breads are fresh baked in [what I think is] a brick oven, a quarter a piece. They're sort of football-shaped or elongated diamond-shaped, puffy (not flat/unleavened like pita, but leavened/yeasty).

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        Yep - that's it - football shaped bread, leavened but not really tall, it's best described as "puffy". I would have thought it was a wood fired brick oven but I saw the pizza oven at Shepherd - the guy flips them off the oven right into a wooden table where you grab your own loaves that are toasty hot. Also, yesterday I bought some feta cheese that was swimming around in it's own vat. I am eating the day old bread with this feta cheese metled on it for breakfast. VERY GOOD! He's also got barrels of spices that you can serve yourself from, and other vats of pickles and olives. There's also stuffed grape leaves in the deli case (haven't tried them yet).

        I'm spending a lot of time at my childhood home of Warren these days, getting ready to put my parent's home on the market. First stop is at Shepherd! Warren has always had many Chaldeans (Arabic Christians) and they speak their own language and have their own culture that's different than what you will find in Dearborn, although there's similarities in the food. So in addition to the groceries, you can also buy lots of Catholic icons and candles and other religious items. They always have Catholic talk radio playing in the a Catholic myself, I find it quite charming but wanted to let you all know so you aren't suprised by the large portraits of Sacred Heart Jesus gazing lovingly down upon you as you shop.

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          I wonder if this is the same bread as they bake in the back of Ninawa Market in the plaza at the NE corner of 12 Mile and Ryan. Photos of the bread and the oven with the Y*lp listing. Thanks for the Shepherd info, it's a bit closer for me and sounds interesting.

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            Uhmm, momskitchen is traveling to Warren a lot right now? ...and heading home on 696, of course. Am I the only one thinking: CH meet up at Antica Pizzeria Fellini? (I adore that place, btw)

            1. re: VTB

              Sure - I might be able to do it. Let me know.

          2. re: jjspw

            Hanna's at 5 for $1. Got a hot sack today. 3 of them made it home even.

            1. re: goatgolfer

              "3 of them made it home even."

              Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

              1. re: boagman

                two were sampled in the drive home for quality reasons of course. Although that was in Troy which may have been illegal.

                1. re: goatgolfer

                  Tried the bread from Shepherd's and it was absolutely great, better than my prior favorite Ninawa and far superior to Hanna's. They all look the same, so it's surprising the texture and taste are different but indeed they are. It could just be that Shepherd's uses a different time and temperature combination, or watches their bread more closely.