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Jan 28, 2012 04:42 PM

Mexican Radio big disappointment!!!

This place has been open for 8 years according to their radio spots and was recommended to me years ago by a friend who is an excellent cook. We were in the mood for a drive up to Hudson from Woodstock and tried it for an early dinner. First off, the hostess was somewhat surly and tried to seat us in a corner even though the place was almost empty. The Dos Equis on tap was cold and tasty but the salsa was very garlicky and had no heat to it at all. I ordered the enchiladas moles and had them use two of their sauces, the verde and the house mole. Both sauces were sludgy and had no pop to them at all. The steak in the enchilada was rubbery, the shrimp ok, and the carnitas really dry and flavorless.
I just came back from Orange County CA so I can't imagine what I expected here to hold up to the real deal out there, and it certainly doesn't even come close to being as good as the cheap Mexican food available at the 535 Mini market on Broadway in Kingston NY right next to UPAC.
To top the meal off we ordered their Mexican hot chocolate, it came out and was tasty, my wife's cup of it was fine but I started noticing this strange viscous sludge in my cup. They managed to curdle the milk while making the batch and I wound up with that. I gave it back to the waiter and the manager came over and explained and apologized and took both cups of the bill.
Scratch another one off the list, I won't be going back there.

Mexican Radio
537 Warren St, Hudson, NY 12534

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  1. Having eaten here a few times over the past two years I have seen small improvements in certain areas however the food still lacks flavor. Having tried a variety of dishes I am left with the conclusion that the food looks like Mexican, is named like Mexican but in the end doesn't take like Mexican. Several of the dishes simply lack the heat where there is supposed to be heat, smoke where there is supposed to be smoke, and freshness where there is supposed to be freshness. Having eaten at the Hudson and New York City locations, the NYC location is clearly better. Also, the prices at the Hudson location are not warranted - both location and quality make the price points too high. Notably, the restaurant bills their nachos as Best in NYC. While nachos in general are not Mexican by nature they are on the menu and when done well can make for good bar food. Unfortunately, Mexican Radio chooses to plate their dish by laying out individual tortilla chips and dressing each individual chip - this looks cheap and the flavor is virtually absent - at $9 for the larger plate, this is simply not worth it. The huevos rancheros was one of the better dishes that the restaurant offers but would be better served with a more flavorful pico de gallo. I have had a seafood enchilada that was a special and rather tasty but it is not a regular offering. Lastly, I tried the Mexican mac & cheese. The dish had a nice creaminess to it however it lacked any of the jalapeno or poblano flavor that the description of the dish boasts. People are ready for bold Mexican flavors however the restaurant is either not willing or able to deliver this to people. Sadly, the Mexican offerings in the area are limited but one can hope that Coyote Flaco in Claverack can match what its Port Chester NY location already offers.