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Jan 28, 2012 03:57 PM

HELP !!! Starting Dinner in 30 minutes, T Bone Steak

OK so I bought 2 beautiful 1 1/2 inch thick T Bone steaks at Costco this afternoon.
I couldn't stop myself

I have left them out for about 3 hours now, about an hour ago I salted mine
(Montreal for my DH) and they are sitting there.

I know there are many threads on cooking a steak...... :-(

I am planning EITHER
Sear and finish in a low oven (what temp and how long?)
Put in low oven (*what temp and how long?)
and then sear

Have gas cooktop
Don't have broiler *(never seemed to work)
Have CI or Stainless Steel

I really want a nice medium rare steak this time !!!!

Thanks in advance :-)
having with it: fresh green salad, fresh bread

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  1. Sear, get nice crust then finish in 350 until done to your taste. use a thermometer. 130 is rare/med
    I think. Maybe pull out at 125 and let it rest. rest it either way for 15 minutes. open a nice bottle of wine and even if the steak is not great nobody will care.

    1. Let me understand something.

      You are starting dinner in 30 minutes, and your first thought is to ... log on to Chowhound??

      I don't know whether to be impressed, or depressed.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        Hee Hee !!!!
        Well, that's something even I can't understand !!!!

        I guess it's that after years of letting my DH
        overcook lovely steaks on the outdoor grill,
        I finally decided to "take over" and learn to cook
        the very best, tastiest and beefiest steaks EVERRRRR
        (*the grill recently died, so this hasn't hurt his manly feelings overmuch)

        also, I have lots of pride. Whether that's good or bad.
        I'm a woman on a mission

        Well, I have been making a few mistakes, but overall
        I have to say that "in general" my steaks are a big improvement !
        Through CH, I have learned to purchase steaks that are at the
        very least, Choice cuts. I look for good marbelling of fat now.
        I try to bring the steaks to room temperature prior to cooking them.
        I season them about an hour prior to cooking if I can.
        I am using my Cast Iron pans *but I think I will try the Stainless steel soon*

        I have tried a few different cooking methods, but not the Sear ~ SLOW heat yet...
        Not sure how to do that, but wanting to try, at the last minute
        I guess I freaked and couldn't decide on:
        oven temp
        how long to cook
        whether to sear first or last.

        Here's what I ended up doing

        Slow oven (275) for 10 minutes on a baking sheet
        then turned and cooked 4 more minutes
        took them out and placed in screaming smoking hot CI pans with peanut oil in them
        for 2 minutes per side.

        DH steak cooked perfectly, he loved it and gnawed the bone
        My steak could have been more rare for me, personally,
        and was not as tender as DH steak.
        This was confirmed by DH, who finished my steak after he
        ate all his.
        They were in the SAME PACKAGE !!!!
        So I'm a bit bummed or put out about that.
        Did these steaks come from different animals?
        Also, the steaks DID have a grey / brown rim.
        (But PERFECT crust)

        Next time I am going to adjust my cooking times
        to suit our individual taste
        and purchase my steak from the butcher at the Supermarket instead.

        1. re: oooYUM

          I personally think charcoal grilling is the best method for steak. If that's not an option (and unfortunately that's my case lately) then I find using the cast iron grill pan works well. I don't set it to nuclear but I will get the pan warmed up good (medium high heat) before I put the steak in.
          If your steaks were not the same size that might account for one being not as tender as the other.