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Jan 28, 2012 03:35 PM

Best Seoul-like Korean in LA?

I've been to Seoul twice and have not been able to get their food quality in US restaurants. Any Korean Restaurants in LA that can deliver? I'm looking for things like Hwae Nengmyun, Jukkumi, and the like...

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  1. Ham Hung has hwae neng myun. I hesitate to recommend them as they are inconsistent. The best mool neng myun I've had in LA was at Ham Hung, but sometimes it's been just ok. Also, I haven't been back to Ham Hung since they moved from Ardmore to Olympic.

    1. Hwae naengmyun is served at dozens of restaurants in Koreatown, including places like Chosun that you wouldn't think would touch it. Hamhung does pretty much specialize in the dish - you may as well give it a try - and although I've never tasted the version at Chilbo, I would imagine it would be as good as the regular naengmyun there, which is superb. Yu Chun has a somewhat different take on the dish - their naengmyun are made from kudzu root - but it is worth tasting.

      I would imagine that the higher end seafood places like Masan might have jukkumi during its short season, but I've never seen it here.

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        I second Chilbo for Naengmyun. Park's naengmyun is very decent also.