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Jan 28, 2012 02:04 PM

Where's the best Prime Rib in Lower Westchester?

Where's the best Prime Rib in Lower Westchester? White Plains and south. Years ago Charlie Brown's in Yonkers had good prime rib, but they went down the tubes and close a year or two ago. Sometimes you just want to sink in a nice double cut, medium rare, on the bone, prime rib au ju.

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  1. JMF Prime Rib is my husbands favorite red meat. He has been on a mission to find exactly what you describe "a nice double cut, medium rare, on the bone, prime rib au ju" . I don't think it exists in this area. Tara's, Half moon, Wellington's Grill... I have given up, when he is in the mood and they are available I pick up a small SRR 2 to 3 ribs or so and make it at home.

    The last really good Prime Rib I had in the area was at Gregory's in White Plains and they closed years ago. I did recently see that Frankie and Johnny's in Rye has begun offering a $45.00 prime rib queen cut dinner on ( Sunday's only) I called and was told that in addition to the queen cut Sunday special, Prime Rib (a larger cut) is available on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and is served on the bone if requested. I'll report back if and when we get there.

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      I love a good prime rib. I do make it at home, but I love it out. Charlie Brown's at one time did have a good one. Thanks for the tip about Franki and Johnny's - we'll have to head over to Rye and sample it.

      1. re: wincountrygirl

        Your welcome, please report back when you go.

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        Morton's in White Plains has it on weekends. A HUGE double cut on the bone. Three inches thick at least. Very good, had it last week. But $55 ala carte!

        I used to like it at Charlie Browns. It was the only good thing they had. And a good price. But the one near me closed. I think many did.

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          There is a recently opened Charlie Browns in Fishkill, we tried it on the way home from a weekend upstate a couple of monthes ago. Yuck the meat was horrible nothing like it used to be, what a letdown. Geez do they think people aren't going to notice?

          I'm sure the price for a king cut prime rib at Frankie and Johnnies is going to be comprable to Morton's. It will be more of a special meal than routine dining out for us. I suppose thats not a bad thing from a health perspective.

          1. re: chowdom

            The Morton's on the bone prime rib was very good. But only special occasion at that price. The thing that really raised the bill was the $15 sides and apps, and $15-20 cocktails and wine.

            It was so huge that I could only eat 2/3 of it. Then two days later I threw it in a 450 degree oven for a few minutes to warm it up, and it was still medium rare, almost to medium, and very good.

            It looks like the prices at Frankie and Johnnies are a bit more reasonable.

            1. re: JMF

              Months ago Morton's took the Prime Rib permanently off the menu. I was very bummed.

      3. I too am on a quest for a King Cut! Years ago we'd go to Hastings to the Chart House, which had a decent Prime Rib, but alas, gone. Keep searching and keep posting. A friend told me about a "CALL CUT" in Buffalo NY, served off a cart, table-side, he told me that they would place a knife on the meat and you would call where they cut it. Amazing! Almost worth a trip?

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          I don't know if they still do it as a weekend special but the Olde Stone Mill in Tuckahoe made an awesome prime rib with traditional yorkshire pudding, they gave you a generous portion haven't been there since new and check it out..

          1. re: sophiarose7

            My husband who is a prime rib aficionado thought the prime rib at Olde Stone Mill was horrible and I have to agree with him. It was ordered rare and served to him wd and covered in a brown gravy as opposed to an au jus. He sent it back and they served the same piece of meat, they flipped it over and scraped the brown gravy off. He recognized it by the cut he had made right down the middle. What followed was not a pleasant scene. Same people who own/owned Angelina's this would be after the original owner who was featured in Kitchen Nightmares.

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              Just drove by Travelers Rest in Millwood and noticed a new sign that is advertising a prime rib dinner special for $29.95. I have not dined there in many years, but I wonder if anyone has tried it.

              1. re: chowdom

                sorry, believe it or not, the old owner made a nice prime rib, I guess the new owners changed it up,

                1. re: sophiarose7

                  I've eaten there-HORRIBLE! This is the restaurant you go to when you're 10 with your grandparents who went through the depression and they think it's great. When we dined there, we were the youngest people in the room, and I'm in my 50's. Sorry, I hate to bash a restaurant but clearly having worked for ARA in college, THIS is a low end Cisco shop.

          2. Putting this out there if anyone is willing to bite. Apparently, Gus's Franklin Park Restaurant in Harrison has Prime Rib available on (Fri-Sat-Sun). I haven't been there, but I am hopeful and willing to try it sometime. If interested -->

            1. BLT Steak has a Bone-In Rib Eye (essentially the same thing)

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                Yes, except the prime rib is roasted then may be finished on a grill or salamander where the steak is cooked however they cook their steaks. That's what makes the difference for me.

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                  Actually there is a big difference between Prime Rib and rib steak. Prime rib is a slow roast of a whole rack. The slow roasting enriches the flavor and the texture becomes meltingly tender because of the slow break down of collagen and the fat.

                  A steak is fast seared on a grill or under a salamander. It is much less tender and has a different flavor profile with a smoky taste from the exposure to flame and high heat.

                  By the way, there is no such thing as a bone in rib eye. There is a rib eye which has had the bone removed, and a rib steak which is still on the bone. I hate when I see supermarkets and restaurants use that incorrect term.

                  1. re: JMF

                    terms CHANGE.

                    I've been cringing at English speakers calling coriander leaves "cilantro' for years now (which is what it is in Spanish, but not English until trendy speak took over).
                    One gets USED to it...

                    Granted most menus specify "Roasted Prime Rib" but it doesn't have to be... just as steaks don't have to be grilled or broiled, and a lot of better restaurants are now actually cooking them sous vide and only searing on a crust to finish.

                    I'm not a restaurant, but I know I am doing it that way!
                    Can't beat that perfect edge-to-edge med-rare doneness, AND you can manipulate the time for tenderizing as well.

                    try finding "rib steak" on a menu. You don't.

                    1. re: weedy

                      The term bone in rib eye is marketing lingo, not language changing.

                      A rib eye is when you remove the "eye" of the steak from the rib steak.

                      Cilantro, yes it is coriander leaves. But when it was first really widely introduced as an herb in the US in I think the 70's, it was in Mexican/Latin American dishes. So cilantro is justified.

                2. I know you are looking for prime rib in a restaurant but I wanted to mention that I have seen the prime rib at Tarry Market cut into two and three inch slabs for people to take home for dinner. It is slow roasted on a spit. I am not sure if they ever cook them on the bone. If you get there before they start trimming it you can get a piece with the deckle/cap in tact...

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                    I've been meaning to get there for the prime rib sandwich.