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Jan 28, 2012 01:51 PM

What to buy from King Arthur Flour catalog

Hey ya'll-

I just attended a baking demo put on by the King Arthur Flour company - got some great tips on pie crust. Also got a $10 off a $20 purchase from their catalog/website.

Anybody have a favorite gadget that I should get? I have yeast measuring spoon from them that measures the equivalent of single envelope, which I find really handy. They have some dough whisks that look really neat, along with bunches of other stuff - I feel like the kid in the candy store just looking. I do all kinds of baking - breads, pies, cookies, etc.

Thanks for your input!

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  1. I love my 7 spoon measuring spoons - I'll recommend that!

    1. The stuff I like from there isn't cookware but ingredients. Like fiori di sicilia, instant clearjel, espresso powder and Vietnamese cinnamon, SAF gold yeast.

      Ok I do like the back to basics apple corer, peeler, slicer ( 5 bucks cheaper on Amazon)> Most of their cookware and equipment is cheaper elsewhere.

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      1. re: rasputina

        I think their bread pans are nice. I generally order from them twice a year or so because I can't find instant yeast by the pound locally so I generally load up the order with "whim" type things.

        1. re: rasputina

          I want to take advantage of their free shipping on $60 orders and I'm also looking at things to add. I was wondering for how long does the SAF gold yeast last if kept in the fridge? I'm just starting to use yeast but its not used on a weekly basis so wanted to know if it would lose effectiveness fast or it would last a while.

          1. re: Lorry13

            I keep it in a mason jar in the freezer. It stays good for the six months to a year it takes me to use a pound up.

            1. re: Lorry13

              I have some SAF instant yeast (not sure ifvit is the same thing as you are talking about) that I bought off the shelf at Meijer. It's been in my freezer for 2+ years now and still going strong! Has a use-by date of May 2011.

          2. Love the dough whisk, instant clear gel, culinary thickener, Princess cake enhancer, the plastic buckets for storing flours, I order my yeast in their 16 oz. bags and keep it in the container I ordered from them (freezer storage is best.) I love their catalog and have been ordering from them for years. They are always helpful if you need to call them for some reason. I'm about ready to place another order - thanks for the reminder!

            1. I really like their rubber spatulas, unbleached cake flour, clearjel, complete fruitcake mix (the only mix I ever buy), cocoa powders.... I have bought a ton from them over the years.

                1. re: NotJuliaChild

                  Parchment paper. 100 sheets already cut to fit half sheet pans for $19.95. Great quality paper too. It's flat and doesn't curl up as the rolls do.

                  1. re: wvgardener

                    I don't think I could bake without those half sheets of parchment. I love them, and I love that they're flat and cut to size.

                    1. re: wvgardener

                      Yes -- I totally agree on the parchment paper. It's so great that it is flat and doesn't curl on the pan.

                      1. re: wvgardener

                        +1 more for the parchment paper sheets. Love them.

                        1. re: wvgardener

                          Nice tip. I've ordered from KA but never noticed these. Thanks!