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Jan 28, 2012 01:44 PM

In Praise of Le Pichet

Had my first breakfast here in a long time with Wahine today.

Dang, this place is good. Hits just the right note for me, quality and atmo-wise. I'm not Francophile enough to completely understand the offerings, but the honesty and attention to detail impress le merde out of me. A really good breakfast for two, with coffee, for <$20.

So what do the more-sais qua CHs recommend here for B-L-D?


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  1. I love the chicken liver terrine at lunch. It is pure addiction. I also like the very simple, very French broiled eggs with ham and gruyere. I completely agree that the cozy atmosphere is perfect, especially on a gray morning like today.

    1. Amen, brother. Never had anything bad there. I agree with bourbongal, the chicken liver is the smoothest creamiest liver terrine you will ever eat. I usually tend to gravitate towards the very interesting salads and smaller plates.

      1. be aware that the make their own superb croissants but in such limited quantities that i have known them to be sold out 20 minutes after the doors open - but the housemade brioche nearly compensates....

        1. Their simple butter salad with hazelnuts and mustard vinaigrette. Raclette. Bread and butter. Frites.

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          1. re: sweetpotater

            I went to town on that raclette this weekend. Le Pichet and Cafe Presse are perfect for what they are, simple bistro food in a casual environment.

            1. re: dagrassroots

              I rarely order green salads at restaurant but there's (and Presse's) are the best. And I second the raclette.

          2. We go to Cafe Presse as Capitol Hill is more our haunt...
            I am in love with the rillettes du Porc. That delicate hint of allspice, a little texture. I can never NOT order that when we go, which is every few weeks.

            Also a sucker for the salad Verte as well. Simple, clean, perfect! Currently the sardine salad is lovely (menu changes quarterly). When occasionally we lunch there, BF is a shoe-in for the croque monsieur.

            I need to order that raclette before it leaves in spring. Saw it at a next door table a couple weeks ago, and it looked delish!

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            1. re: gingershelley

              I was addicted to Presse when it opened (helps it's very close to my house) but I feel like it has gone very downhill recently. I went a month ago and got steak frites that were basically inedible the meat was so stringy and gross. My wife also had a bad french onion soup -- is that even possible? This was just the worst of a couple of unsatisfying visits. Is my experience isolated or have others seen this? I want my old Presse back! (but with fewer people so I don't have to wait)

              1. re: pusherman

                "My wife also had a bad french onion soup -- is that even possible?"

                I think the question is: "Is a good French onion soup even possible?" See a pretty crazy discussion here:

                I happened on this old thread today by chance. I couldn't resist replying with the link above. (I remembered it because I started it.)

                1. re: pusherman

                  Pusherman, I agree that the steak frites has declined. I find it as tough as steak in Paris! Which is wierd, since most places here age beef, unlike in France.

                  I still love my rilettes though!