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In Praise of Le Pichet

Had my first breakfast here in a long time with Wahine today.

Dang, this place is good. Hits just the right note for me, quality and atmo-wise. I'm not Francophile enough to completely understand the offerings, but the honesty and attention to detail impress le merde out of me. A really good breakfast for two, with coffee, for <$20.

So what do the more-sais qua CHs recommend here for B-L-D?


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  1. I love the chicken liver terrine at lunch. It is pure addiction. I also like the very simple, very French broiled eggs with ham and gruyere. I completely agree that the cozy atmosphere is perfect, especially on a gray morning like today.

    1. Amen, brother. Never had anything bad there. I agree with bourbongal, the chicken liver is the smoothest creamiest liver terrine you will ever eat. I usually tend to gravitate towards the very interesting salads and smaller plates.

      1. be aware that the make their own superb croissants but in such limited quantities that i have known them to be sold out 20 minutes after the doors open - but the housemade brioche nearly compensates....

        1. Their simple butter salad with hazelnuts and mustard vinaigrette. Raclette. Bread and butter. Frites.

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            I went to town on that raclette this weekend. Le Pichet and Cafe Presse are perfect for what they are, simple bistro food in a casual environment.

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              I rarely order green salads at restaurant but there's (and Presse's) are the best. And I second the raclette.

          2. We go to Cafe Presse as Capitol Hill is more our haunt...
            I am in love with the rillettes du Porc. That delicate hint of allspice, a little texture. I can never NOT order that when we go, which is every few weeks.

            Also a sucker for the salad Verte as well. Simple, clean, perfect! Currently the sardine salad is lovely (menu changes quarterly). When occasionally we lunch there, BF is a shoe-in for the croque monsieur.

            I need to order that raclette before it leaves in spring. Saw it at a next door table a couple weeks ago, and it looked delish!

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              I was addicted to Presse when it opened (helps it's very close to my house) but I feel like it has gone very downhill recently. I went a month ago and got steak frites that were basically inedible the meat was so stringy and gross. My wife also had a bad french onion soup -- is that even possible? This was just the worst of a couple of unsatisfying visits. Is my experience isolated or have others seen this? I want my old Presse back! (but with fewer people so I don't have to wait)

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                "My wife also had a bad french onion soup -- is that even possible?"

                I think the question is: "Is a good French onion soup even possible?" See a pretty crazy discussion here:

                I happened on this old thread today by chance. I couldn't resist replying with the link above. (I remembered it because I started it.)

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                  Pusherman, I agree that the steak frites has declined. I find it as tough as steak in Paris! Which is wierd, since most places here age beef, unlike in France.

                  I still love my rilettes though!

              2. their food is really great, but unless you get one of the "regular" staff, the service is appalling. they seem to have a tough time hiring good help.

                as long as you get one of the women who've been there a while, this is one of my favorite lunch spots in seattle.

                1. Totally agree with the comments about the chicken liver.
                  So I made a decision to try the rest of their pate's.
                  The menu list a number of different ones.
                  It'd be a good goal to eat the menu of the pate'.
                  Anyone have any other of their pate's besides the chicken?

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                    I have eaten all of their pates, many times over. Since I make pate at home regularly, the only thing I order at Presse is the rilettes, as these are hard to make in a small amount - and after 3 years since first trying thiers, I am STILL trying to figure out quite what their spicing profile is - and replicate it!

                    1. re: gingershelley

                      I agree with the many kudos bestowed in this thread on the chicken liver terrine at Le Pichet. I used to think that it was the best in the Greater Seattle Area. But that was before I had the exquisite chicken liver pâté at Restaurant Marché on Bainbridge Island. The Marché version has a somewhat denser texture and a deeper, richer, more intense chicken liver flavor. I believe that Marché’s owner-chef, Greg Atkinson, purchases the entire supply of chicken livers available from Skagit River Ranch in Sedro Woolley. Whatever the source, and however he prepares his paté, I think it is amazingly wonderful. However, if you like a lighter, creamier, less “livery” version, then you might still prefer Le Pichet’s preparation.

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                        I know that Greg is a good friend of Skagit River Ranch, but luckily for me he does not get all their organic chicken livers. The members, like me, of their three buyer's clubs are also able to order them. I am not sure about their farm store, but I would assume they are available there as well.


                        1. re: Fidalgo Burk

                          Thanks for the information and correction, Burk. I'll have to check out Skagit River Ranch's buyers' clubs. A lot of my contacts with organic farmers are in East Jefferson County on the Olympic Peninsula. Sedro Woolley is a bit out of the way for me, but a visit to Skagit River Ranch and the farm store sounds like a nice Saturday road trip.