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Jan 28, 2012 10:16 AM

Anything new in Rome

Next week my wife and I will head over for our annual month-plus stay in Rome. For constant readers of this board, there is much of the same old thing post after post. For a city with hundreds and hundreds of restaurants, it is disappointing that the same 50 or less get recycled constantly on this board. Soooooo, my question for those who live or (like us) live part time in Rome is what's new?

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  1. I was in Rome in November and ate at Asino d'Oro on Via dei Serpenti - hands down one of the best meals I have eaten in a long time. It's relatively new and concentrates on Umbrian food. I have also become of fan of the following website/blog. Even though I don't live in Rome anymore, one can always pretend!

      1. rome is a city with hundreds and hundreds of disappointing restaurants, unfortunately, which is why you see the same ones cited over and over! if you want a really great meal at an excellent new-ish fine dining spot, check out Pipero al Rex in the Rex hotel. it opened in the fall. L'Asino d'Oro will celebrate it's one year anniversary in its currently location on Feb 14, so you probably already know that place. as for news, glass just keep getting better and better, antico arco serves lunch now at a 10% discount and Enoteca Provincia Romana will soon be serving hot food. tonda, a neapolitan-style pizzeria, opened in the nomentana district in the summer and neve di latte (also a summer opening) is behind the MAXXI. nearby, Osteria Flaminia does perfectly respectable baccala alla romana and i think that opened in june. as for recycling, when roman restaurants step it up and start offering more consistent, quality meals that local dining experts feel comfortable endorsing we will certainly do so!

        1. oh and here is something from eater about "what's hot now" though bear in mind that caffe propaganda isnt very good.

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            1. Tastevin in Via Ciro Menotti is another great place to go to. Even though it has been around for over 8 years, not that many people know it. In Monteverde, I'd probably suggest Osteria di Monteverde and finally one of my fav. Osteria Fernanda, Via Ettore Rolli. Among high-end restaurants, Pipero is certainly a good choice: was there last week and had a great dinner.

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                Thanks for the input. I'll report back in March.