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Jan 28, 2012 10:11 AM

Can anyone suggest a reasonably priced oceanview restaurant buy-out in Santa Monica?

I'm looking to host a daytime brunch / lunch on a Saturday for approx 100 people. I checked out the Lobster, and while the space and view are perfect, they wanted $16,000 for a 4 hour buy-out. To which they're certainly entitled, but which is out of our budget. We were thinking something more in the $5000 - $7000 range. Is this possible? Has anyone hosted an event anywhere else (maybe at the Shutters restaurants)? Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.

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  1. You might check with Back on the Beach and see what they have to say.

    Back on the Beach
    445 Palisades Beach Rd, Santa Monica, CA

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      1. Whoa, hope you can pull this off with only a few more days to go.

        I think BotB is a good suggestion.

        And while I know it is a chain, you've got a budget and limited time. What about Bubba Gump's? I know they can easily fit 100 people downstairs. You are right on the beach with indoor/outdoor seating/mingling area and easy parking. And you can probably come in well within or under your budget. Then you just need to figure out what food to get. :)

        Another idea is On the Waterfront. Again, the food here would be the drawback but the beer selection is outstanding! Actually, I don't mind their food but that isn't why I go. It is, I would say, somewhat inconsistant. And the parking for 100 could be a disaster.

        Lastly, if you are willing to drive up to Duke's, I am almost positive 100 people can make it into their private room.

        Good Luck!

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          Gaaah! For some reason the replies about Gladstone's have disappeared. I wouldve wanted to know what was said.

          Bubba Gump's may be ok actually! I cant believe i didnt know the pier had one. The event would will be about 3 weeks away, so i have a little bit of time. GREAT suggestion. I really would've liked a place a little more upscale like the Lobster, but really 16k is ridiculous for my 1 year old twins' bday party.

        2. Back on the Beach - very casual. Back room only accommodates about 40. Weather is too uncertain in Feb to rely on outside seating.

          Mexican restaurant at the end of Santa Monica Pier. Great views, drinks OK, cheap, but so so food.

          Casa Del Mar Lobby. They have set up a Sunday brunch on the window in the bar area for me. Good views, food OK, but private area, not a private room if you need to give speeches,etc.

          Shutters Pool area - they've set up Sunday brunch for me before. However, outdoors may not be good in Feb because of the unpredictable weather.

          1. Check out the Penhouse restaurant at the Huntly Hotel. Gorgeous room, fabulous beach views and I'm guessing on Saturday not so busy so they might work with you. Also Lowes hotel has some nice spaces with great views. Both of these places have the style and class of The Lobster and should be much, much less.

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              Huntley Penthouse was a great suggestion. They want $25k for a buyout of the whole space (hell no), but for a private room with 85 ppl, $6k. Still pricey, but at least it's within our budget, and the space is gorgeous. Thanks!