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Jan 28, 2012 09:46 AM

East End Pizza, Alameda - Worth the drive w/ Pics

Had dinner at East End Pizza in the Alameda Marketplace. It's really good! Order at the cashier & they bring the food out to you. We sat at the counter facing the cooks & the wood burning oven.

Slices available selection changes daily - check Twitter & Facebook for selections. All pies available as half-bakes.

We got:

Salad "The Joker" $3.75 - just some lettuce, dressing, & cheese. Simple, but nice.

Diablita $16 - from menu: calabrian peppers, house cheese blend, redwood hill farms goat cheese, shaved garlic w/ red sauce. A bit spicy w/ lots of raw garlic! If you love Garlic this is the pizza for you! I loved it. It's a huge pizza 14", 8 slices.

The Lambeau $16 - from menu: delicata squash, oven-roasted kale & house cheese blend w/ olive oil, finished w/ pecorino romano "snow". I thought it was just ok, B. liked it very much. It's a huge pizza 14", 8 slices.

We shared one bottle of GUS Dry Root Beer - I thought it was just ok, I would have been happy with the water they have that's self-serve.

Credit cards allowed.

Closed Monday
Tues-Sat 11:30-8
Sun 11:30-7

Bathroom: Need a coin to use, separate.


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  1. I tried this place for the first time this weekend. Four of us found ourselves in Alameda wanting lunch, and a quick look on Chowhound made us choose this place. I'm glad we did!


    - Winter squash soup. Creamy, slightly sweet, very good.
    - Large Mousetrap pizza - red sauce, val d’aosta fontina, fresh mozz, provolone & blue cheeses, fresh herbs, with added prosciutto.
    - Large diablita pizza. red sauce, house cheese blend, calabrian chiles, goat cheese, shaved fresh garlic, with added pepperoni

    The pizzas were very good. Thin crust, slightly chewy, cooked in wood oven. The diablita was my favorite. Like hhc says, lots of garlic, which I liked a lot.

    I would definitely return, and it was indeed worth the trip.

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      1. re: Dave MP

        I crave the Diablita. I actually like it better without any added meat.

      2. We love East End, but we find that we prefer the white pizzas. Their red sauce is a little too salty for us.