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Jan 28, 2012 08:42 AM

Cooking French tonight. Need suggestions, please.

The theme for tonight is "French Cooking". Could really use some suggestions on what to cook. We are wide open to suggestions and have a couple of accomplished cooks at hand.

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  1. Seriously? I don't think your request could be any more open. Give us some sort of direction . . .

    Do you have a protein in mind?
    Comfort food?
    High brow food?
    Spending all day cooking? a few hours cooking? last minute preparations?
    Any vegetables in the house?
    A specific region of France in mind?
    Pairing with a specific wine?
    How many people?

    Something to go on . . . .

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    1. re: thimes

      and now all i can think of is that scene in the movie "better off dead," where the mom makes dinner for the french exchange student:

      "and we have french dressing, french fries, french bread..." all promounced "franch".


      1. re: hotoynoodle

        that's a good one!

        a pate or terrine to start as an hors d'oevures. starter served at table. scallops with green lentils, beets, and balsamic. main of duck breast with pan reduction cherry port sauce. Burgundy. Potatoes anna or fondantes. then simple green salad with vinaigrette. cheese course with 3 cheeses and accompaniments different for each. for dessert--chocolate pot au creme, creme brulee, mousse. espresso or cappucino to finish, with petit fours.

      2. coq au vin
        savory palmiers
        coquille st jacques
        cheese tart of some sort
        country pate


        1. My BF is French; some of our favorites for home dinners are;
          Lamb chops with a red wine reduction sauce and Gratin Daphinoise (we add NO cheese, just cream and milk - the BEST potatoes on earth!)
          Duck Confit legs with Pommes Risolees (small cubes of potatoes sauteed in duck fat until crispy and golden outside), Salad Vert to follow
          Seared scallops with a Beurre Blanc sauce on a bed of Lentils with thyme and shallots
          Chicken liver mousse with cognac as a starter for any of these...

          1. Very broad request, but I'll throw in cassoulet, chaucrote garni, bouillabaisse. Thinking of cold weather ideas.