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Jan 28, 2012 07:44 AM

mole verde?

where can i eat some mole verde? i have had el norteno's and it was very good. any other spots for mole verde?

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  1. Is this what I think it is--green mole sauce? I've only had the dark brown variety. What's in it?

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    1. re: Enso

      yeah it is green chocolate sauce often served with soda bread and a Guinness....

      no actually they are not at all alike, mole just means sauce. mole verde has a lot of variations but it usually has tomatillos and cilantro and ground toasted seeds (el norteno uses pumpkin seeds).

      1. re: zfwp

        ok i found more info about mole verde. i stopped in at the cinco de mayo mercado
        (813 E. 66th steet Richfield ) and found a bottle of Donna Maria brand mole verde (distributed by hormel ).
        it lists the ingredients: Chile peppers, soybean oil, crackers (wheat flour, salt, and corn starch), sugar, sesame seeds, peanuts, salt, cocoa and natural flavors.
        this is a variation on the pumpkin seed variety.
        i also found a variation called mole pipian (pumpkin seeds, soybean oil, crackers (wheat flour, salt, and corn starch), sesame seeds, peanuts, chile peppers, salt and natural flavors).

        1. re: zfwp

          Let's expect a recipe conversation will get moved off this regional board -- shifted to the Home Cooking board rather than deleted outright if you are lucky.

          Back on topic for Minnepolis/St. Paul: iIt sounds as though there is one source to purchase green mole retail in the Twin Cities area. Have you run across suggestions where to find it in a restaurant besides el Norteno?

    2. I just went to La Alborada today and saw green mole paste. This Heavy Table article says someone comes in to make it from scratch.