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Jan 28, 2012 04:44 AM

Penninsula on Eat Street

Wow! Based on my first visit, last night... this place is great. Fantastic. Amazing. Some of the best, if not the best, Chinese food in the Twin Cities.

It's Malaysian. At night, they have a parking lot across the street. They have a semi-open kitchen. The food and service were really really good. The dishes are interesting. Not your sesame chicken and cream cheese wontons found in so many Minnesota chinese restaurants.

We had wonton soup w/BBQ pork & noodles. The pork and noodles come on the side with instructions from server that they are to be eaten separately. That was confusing, but tasty. The wontons were delicious. So was the broth.

Chinese broccoli with salted fish was delish. The green curry beef was tasty. The beef satay was too.

I'll definitely go back. There's so much interesting food on that menu.

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  1. I happy to hear that they are back in the game. I love their Spicy Golden Tofu.

    1. The Hainanese Chicken Rice, Beef Rendang, and Roti Canai should be on your list for next time, too. The first is very mild-flavored, but nice and light and gingery, and the second is a heavy braise with a rich spice paste...delicious. Roti Canai is a crispy crepe-like pancake with chicken curry.

      I used to live in Singapore, and these guys do it right.

      1. Glad you had a good experience there. They've been variable over the past few years. Never bad exactly, but just so-so occasionally. They're still rotation though.

        +1 on the Spicy Golden Tofu and the Roti Canai, which are two of my favorites there as well. I also like the Achat and the Curry Tofu Hot Pot.

        1. i really like penninsula in my "rotation," and overall it gets a thumbs-up-- but it has a vast menu w quite a few clunkers on it. i've had quite bad food there and now tend to order over-carefully.

          as others have said the roti canai is excellent, bonus that it is cheap and rather spectacular to watch the huge roti being formed and cooked to order in the front of the open kitchen.

          the house-made tofu at peninsula is a delectable highlight. queen's tofu (not vegetarian) is a fave of mine.

          the service is usually friendly but unpredictable-to-bad. one experience there, our server was a student at the local art school, and hilariously tmi. i loved it, but reflected that it could be a turnoff for some folks.

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          1. re: soupkitten

            Agreed. I've found a few clunkers as well - one or two noodle dishes if I recall correctly - so I don't stray too far from the things I know I like.

            1. re: bob s

              Just had takeout from Peninsula a few days ago - and I can add Beef Chow Fun to the list of meh noodle dishes. We also ordered the achat salad, which was pretty good - especially on a warm summer day, the golden spare ribs (pretty good but not excellent) and the roti canai which was as good as ever.

            2. re: soupkitten

              The Queen's Tofu looked good. Ditto for the Hainanese chicken. Next time.

              The beef rendang looked good too. Didn't get to it this time. The only thing we had that was so-so was the black-rice pudding.

              Our server, a very friendly guy who did NOT grow up speaking english, steered us gently away from Sambal Udang (shrimp in dried-shrimp based paste) because the flavor is very strongly aged fish. After I understood him, I was thankful because,w hile I would have been interested in tasting a tablespoon or so, just to see, I do not generally like dried shrimp flavor.

              1. re: JimGrinsfelder

                I'd be interested to see how the Hainanese chicken is!

                I like dried shrimp, but I agree it's not for everyone.

              2. re: soupkitten

                I have the same take on penninsula. After some unpleasant meals, I'm careful with my order, and usually go for a tofu (especially Spicy Golden ) and roti canai. In general, I've found that if I stay away from the beef dishes, I have a good shot at happiness. I've liked the char kway teow and ginger scallion steamed fish. Am thinking that next time in I'll steel myself away from my tried and true tofus and try some of their duck. Or maybe the spicy lemon grass squid.

              3. I agree with soupkitten. The menu is huge and there are plenty of clunkers on it.

                As many have said, the Roti Canai is very tasty. Their Kway Teow is one of my favorites and their Spicy Golden Tofu is amazing. Every time I go I want to try some of their other house made tofus, but I just can't stop by self from ordering the Spicy Golden Tofu.

                But I wasn't a fan of their Chicken Rice. There aren't many (any?) places to get Chicken Rice in the Twin Cities, so if you need to get your fix, it could hit the spot, but it was nowhere close to the stuff you get in Singapore. I was also not impressed by their Beef Rendang. It's nothing like the stuff I've eaten in Indonesia.