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Jan 28, 2012 04:36 AM

Formosa Asian Cuisine (Blue Bell)

Formosa is located in the former Pho Thai Nam space in the shopping center on 202 (north of Township Line, south of Skippack Pike) with Pudges, Pepperidge Farm Outlet, etc.

We have had takeout twice and eaten in five times and have found the quality of the food to be consistently very good to excellent. We tend to order the more typical Americanized dishes and find the found to be fresh and not oily. The value is excellent, good size portions for fair prices (noodle dishes around $10, other dishes around $12). We have tried the following (most more than once):

General Tsao's Chicken - battered in house, always tastes fresh, sauce does not gel
Chicken Mei Fun - thin round noodles with chicken and vegetables, light and tasty

Shrimp with Lobster Sauce - sauce is a bit bland (but generous) with at least 10 large shrimp
Kung Pao Chicken - cubed chicken with vegetables, a bit of spice
Moo Shu Beef - excellent blend of beef and chinese cabbage, not runny or gummy
Beef with Asparagus - good quality beef (not cheap beef processed with corn starch), crisp asparagus

You get the idea. Good basic Chinese. We have not tried any of the more "up scale" choices on the large menu and specials board. Recommended. Worth trying and supporting. This is our go to place when we don't feel like cooking. We order three dishes ($40 with tip/tax) and have more than enough left over for lunch for the two of us. We like it better than Golden Sea and Lai Lai.

Formosa Asian Cuisine
1510 Dekalb Pike
Blue Bell PA.
(Whitpain Shopping Center)

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  1. My friend and I tried this place in the fall when they opened. They had a very nice coupon deal. I was happy with the food and service although I did miss the curtain of colorful folded paper cranes. Here is my problem: they are just too darned closed to Thai Orchid. My friend John and I were in the bluebell area last night and enjoyed a delicious meal at thai orchid.
    John had the drunken noodles with chicken and I had to really restrain myself. Somehow I managed to keep my mouth shut when John said "did you ever have a dish where the chef puts something of himself into it?"He was so blissed out that I didn't want to ruin his happiness with some smart ass comment. I wanted to get the evil jungle princess or maybe something new but the shrimp pad thai kept whispering to me. Very satisfying. I'll try to get to Formosa next week but I'm probably going to get the chicken curry. :)

    1. Very good, in many ways. Try the chef's specials. They have a genius for frying - crisp, not greasy. Quite marvelous was the whole fried fish - crisp, moist, nicely sauced. They have this interesting technique I've not seen before - before frying the fish is scored deeply through skin and flesh in a diamond pattern, so once fried you lift off chunks of tasty fish with crisp skin adherent. It's not easy to find a place that will fry a whole fish small enough for one; this cost $17. I wish I could report that the fish was amazingly fresh from the fishmonger, but it was fresh enough to be delicious.
      Likewise the pepper & salt fried oysters ($18 at lunch). A very large heap of them, enough for two, lightly floured, great oyster flavor.
      Steamed shrip and veggies also quite good.