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Jan 28, 2012 03:43 AM

Amsterdam Food Near RAI and more

I'll be in Amsterdam next week for a convention at the RAI and i'm hoping to find some good places to eat near the RAI.

I'm also looking for general recommendations about some of the best places in general to eat in Amsterdam. Thai, Indonesian and whatever else Amsterdam does well. I'm not picky and will eat just about anything.

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  1. Hi Psiweaver,

    The area around the RAI is a bit risky food wise, probably due to the many ad hoc visitors just looking for some food close by.

    Quite close to the RAI is a great Italian traiteur on Scheldestraat that has amazing sandwiches and also serves pasta to eat in: On the corner of that same street there also is a good high-end fish restaurant,, and a simple Indonesian

    For great restaurants in the rest of the city check out my blog!