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Jan 28, 2012 03:38 AM

atlantic city dinner ideas

i will be in AC for a convention next month and i am looking for dinner suggestions. one night will be a group of 5 and the next night just 2 of us. moderately priced (entree's in the 20 dollar rangeish) and nothing too culinarily out there ie italian american continental okay but probably not asian. we are staying at the Sheraton but we can take a cab where ever in ac. tia adi

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  1. Two of my favorites - Same owner

    Dock's Oyster House -
    The Knife and Fork Inn -

    Great food, service and wine lists, without casino prices......

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    1. re: Gastronomic

      second for the Knife and Fork! Perhaps a bit over your price range but oh so good!

    2. For a unique and an excellent food experience . . . Chef Vola

      Do a google search. If you never heard of it, then you'll be surprised. It's in a residential neighborhood, as it should be. Why? Because the restaurant is in the basement of a home (a former boarding house) on South Albion Place. That's right. Family owned, run and operated, small, unique, and excellent food. They won another (yes, another) James Beard Award last year. Still tough to get a reservation, so start calling. Call the concierge at your hotel in advance, start now, keep trying -- and Saturday nights are still tough.

      Look around for the phone number. It's unlisted. Easier to find today then many years ago, but still unlisted. No website, no listed phone number, and for the most part, no menu.

      Just be quiet . . . it's a secret, LOL.

      1. Actually, there is a website . . . kind of. Of course it's not your stereotypical, normal website. It's certainly not out there to attract business or get people to call. LOL.

        It's more of a "thank you" website and it references their 25th anniversary (in 2007) . . . with a statement at the bottom of the website that states . . .

        "This is not an advertisement. The phone number and address cannot be obtained from this web site."

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        1. re: ELA

          609-345-2022 -- definitely not in your price range! BYO, so entrees are very expensive.

          1. re: shopgirl

            Do you think the entrées are that far out of the price range? I can't remember which specific items were there, but last time I was there, I thought I remember some entrées in the $20's. I could be wrong, and certainly not the specials, one or two of which were for two, and another one or two which could be shared. The portions on many are big.

            That said, being that is BYO, one might think minus a drink or two each, you might be willing to spend a few more bucks -- but to each their own. A few bucks more can be very relative and I am certainly not spending or counting other people's money.

        2. moderately priced (entree's in the 20 dollar rangeish) and nothing too culinarily out there ie italian american continental okay

          That only leaves....

          1. Fourunder brings up Tony's Baltimore Bar and Grill. I've mentioned this place on various site over the years. It's old school red sauce , pizza etc. The drinks are cheap and the service is great. Inside it looks like a place from the 40's and it's priced that way. I love Tony's and go there every time I hit AC before I even check in.

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            1. re: bifpocaroba

              let's not forget White House Sub Shop for dessert.....

              1. re: fourunder

                and bills gyro on the board walk for a dessert dessert

                1. re: coldsolderjoint

                  Well, when the poster said 20-ish, I can't remember anything on the menu for that price. Hubby had filet mignon at $54 and I had a fish dish at $38...and that was a couple years ago! Doesn't come with any a side of asparagus that we split was $9.
                  But, as you say, the draw here is that it's a BYO.

                  1. re: shopgirl

                    For inexpensive, there's Angelo's Fairmount Tavern. Fits right into your budget. Not a BYO but they make their own (palatable) chianti.