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Jan 28, 2012 12:54 AM

Healthy options downtown

Hi all,

trying to watch the waste-line and wondering what are your best health option restaurants downtown? Something for lunch and perhaps a place with the best gourmet salads...

thanks for any recommendations!

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  1. check out vegetarian row on mackay - le panther vert and crudescence have great salads

    1. I like commensal (2nd floor mcgill college entrance, st catherine)because of variety, nice view and since it is by weight I can control the cost by going for lighter things on the salad bar and may throw in some cooked yams; bread slice included in meal. I can get a variety of things which I dont stock in my own kitchen. They have special price at lunch and at dinner but my plate costs less as I dont want all you can eat option. I bring my own fruit for dessert so as not to be tempted by the desserts! Anton & James at 1414 stanley has good sandwiches, salads, hot meals and pizza for people in a hurry!

      1. Le Clafouti on Drummond and Ste Jacques has good cheap salads and sandwiches and Vietnamese summer rolls.
        Mangia on de Maisonneuve near Peel sometimes has tasty though pricey fare.

        1. Hey all, so I found that the best lunch salad is at Green Cafe on Drummond. Where else downtown has the best meal size salads?

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            Baton Rouge salads are very good but pricey

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                i get the seared tuna salad. it's not bad health wise...and anyone looking for a healthy meal salad knows to get dressing on the side.

                their louisiana chicken salad, which i admit is a guilty pleasure, has a very bad for you but delicious peanut dressing in addition to a pineapple-ginger dressing...I'd imagine it is the worst-for-you component and so I get it without the peanut sauce.

          2. I often go to Al-Taib on Guy street and get a few things from the salad bar. They have a variety of healthy salad choices, including tabouleh, bell peppers with mushrooms, a greekish one with tomato and cucumber, shredded cabbage, etc. They also have crudités, hard boiled eggs, hummus, mujaddara (rice with lentils), fried cauliflower and eggplants, and various other items. You pay by weight and they will give you some white pita bread if you ask. It's very affordable. My lunch portion usually costs about $6-8.

            Another good option is Basha. There are various locations but I like the one above Sports Experts (930 Set-Catherine West). The Basha in the food courts under Simons is also good. There you can get a plate with two or three salad choices and some chicken. They have some healthy salads like fattoush, tabouleh, spinach, beets, etc. I forget exactly how much it comes to but if I remember correctly it comes to around $12, with pita bread included. The portions are really big. Sometimes I'll eat half for lunch and the other half for a second meal. You can also order the salads separately.