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Jan 28, 2012 12:46 AM

Was Tyler's Ultimate canceled?

I see that it's been entirely pulled off of Food Network, including reruns. The reruns on Cooking Channel are only the early, travel format shows from before TU became a more traditional cooking show.

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  1. FN probably pulled it so they could add more episodes of Chopped.

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    1. re: P Town

      They are soon going to have to rename the network. A typical day is 90% filled with Chopped and DD&D. It's become pretty pathetic.

        1. re: meadandale

          Competitions do dominate in the Primetime and Late Night hours, but Morning, Daytime,Evening are still mostly instructional (on FN).

      1. According to FN website, there were 8 seasons. The last episode of season 8 appears to have first aired in early 2010 (judging from comments on one of its recipes).

        According to the CC website, this show appears weekday mornings at 11am.

        He has a web site
        mainly connnected with his California store; and also Tweets

        My guess is he isn't making new shows (except maybe some specials - and the next Food Truck race), but that reruns will continue during daytime hours on both channels.

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        1. re: paulj

          The CC reruns only include the boring "travel" years of TU. The seasons where TU is a proper cooking show (the ones I'm interested in) aren't being broadcast on CC. Food Network isn't showing reruns at all for several months. A cancellation announcement would have been nice.

          1. re: aynrandgirl

            According to IMDB, TU was produced by Optomen Television, though I can't find anything about it on their own web site.