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Jan 27, 2012 10:14 PM

Vietnamese near Crowfoot, Calgary

Anyone know of any Vietnamese restos around the Crowfoot Crossings area other than Pho Huong Viet? My fave one in Silver Springs closed down and we couldn't seem to find a place on a day that PHV was closed—which I found odd as they seem to be on every other block where I live (Killarney-ish).

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  1. The closest one I have been to is beside Winston Churchill. It's decent.

    1. Not that it's going to help your immediate needs, but I wanted to let you know that the one from Silver Springs is re-locating to Royal Oak Centre. They are not open yet but keep an eye out for them. I was super excited when I found out as it will be close to my home and it used to be my fave when it was in Silver Springs.

      There's a Viet place in the Beacon Hill shopping centre called Kim Lan. I've been only been once. It was ok but not impressive. It could be an option for you for the sake of convenience. Likewise, Bobby Chao's in Edgemont also offers Viet cuisine in a separate shop (Bobby Pho House) in the same plaza as their Chinese restaurant. Again, it was just ok.

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        Thanks for the info on Taste of Saigon—that's good news!

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          Especially good news since we heard they were not treated very well by the landlord in Silver Springs.

          Good call on Beacon Hills. It's not bad, was by there last night and realized I should have added it. The menu is large and that can be a bad sign. What we've tried was ok.

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            Taste of Saigon is now open at Royal Oak Centre. I haven't had a chance to try it yet but my coworker tells me it's still under the same ownership as before when it was at Silver Springs and the food is as good as before.

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              we went this week to the royal oak location. I wasn't a fan but then again I didn't realize it was the same restaurant that moved from Silver Springs. Salad rolls were old sauce was old, peanuts tasted old. The only place I will go for Vietnamese that is tolerable is Bowness Vietnamese on Bowness Road. and I don't think it's that great either. Pho Hoai s the only place I go on a regular basis to get my fix and we have been eating there for 14 + years never had a bad soup experience from them, worth driving to Chinatown every time.

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                I am surprised it had such a following in SIlver Springs. We found the take out mediocre at best and the restaurant was filthy.