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Jan 27, 2012 09:45 PM

Maurepas Foods

Has anyone tried it yet? I'm highly interested, but I've heard very mixed reviews thus far.

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  1. we tried it Saturday evening and thought it was quite good. we sat at the bar, had a couple rounds of craft cocktails (the Chameleon with its smoked salt was quite good) and several plates. the sweet potato croquette were good, the mussels in Stilton broth were excellent. the bacon stew was good, as was the quartered chicken leg main. the "banana Sunday" dessert was excellent -- a plantain with chocolate ganache, candied/toffee pecans and a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream.

    only complaint -- the poached egg on the chicken dish was under cooked and runny. note to chefs: if your poached egg jiggles like wet jello, you didn't do it right. up the temperature on the sous-vide. it is also pretty loud, as the cavernous space and concrete floor means echo.

    a most welcome addition to the neighborhood. more local destinations is the way to be.

    1. Mixed reviews for a reason. Generally, the food seems overrated and inconsistent. Maybe they're just too busy to have consistent quality...and then there's the issue of the d-bags who are becoming too frequent there. Go there for a cocktail, but not to eat. Should it also not bother me that the restaurant is named after a Louisiana landmark, but the food has nothing to do with this region? Seems a tack way of getting local credibility.

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      1. re: nolala

        im not convinced its over-rated, especially considering most/all of the menu is under 14 bucks.

        as for cocktails -- it's a craft cocktail bar. there is absolutely nothing wrong w/ going to your neighborhood spot for good cocktails. this is, you know, new orleans. that being said while the bar is always busy ive never seen tables of non-eaters. have you? the space doesnt really lend itself to sit-down drinking.

        1. re: nolala

          "Generally, the food seems overrated and inconsistent." Generally, a vague statement. What have you ordered, and how has it been inconsistent?

          "there's the issue of the d-bags who are becoming too frequent there." Hmmm. "d-bags" - define, please?

          "Should it also not bother me that the restaurant is named after a Louisiana landmark, but the food has nothing to do with this region? Seems a tack way of getting local credibility."

          Tack? Should it bother me that I don't really care what a restaurant chooses to name itself, if it offers good food and service at a fair price?

          kibbles description has been far more helpful, at least to me.

          1. re: Gizmo56

            I've eaten there twice with other guests and each time, pretty much everything ordered could be categorized as overrated and inconsistent (overrated because some have raved about the food, inconsistent because some of the same items we ordered have also been spoken highly of...generally, as mentioned initially, I think they get slammed and quality isn't being kept high). So, yes, generalizing is accurate.

            "The d-bags": How about trustafarians, rednecks w/ $$$, and the types who (last time I was there) sit at the bar and, while the "lady" yells and flashes people, the "gentleman" continues to yell at the bartender that he (the bartender) resembles a particular movie actor. Call them what you want, but I'm using d-bags.

            Tacky, rather. Sorry, a typo. As for the name Maurepas, it's the same as when a t-shirt/bead shop calls itself "Jazz Funeral" or tourists book second-lines for their conferences in that they are taking a cultural element and using it to signify whereas they have nothing to do with that cultural element. If you don't care about names, I'm sure you'll love the upcoming "blogstaurant" Unicorn Booty's.

            All in all, I really had hoped for more from Maurepas, name aside, but it's mostly been a disappointment. Sylvain does it all much better. Three Muses doesn't. Don't take it from me. There are strong reasons why reviews have been mixed.

            1. re: nolala

              im going to suggest that reviews are mixed for most restaurants in existence, because it's largely subjective and people have different preferences.

              take a look at the "Most overrated NOLA Restaurants" thread on here -- nearly every single significant restaurant is mentioned. how do you explain that? can they *all* be over-rated? or is it more likely that for different reasons to different people they stack up differently?


              ...all you can hope to do is find people w/ tastes similar to your own and weight their opinions more heavily.

              1. re: kibbles

                Thank you for that. I try to make the same point from time to time.

                And there is always the point, is a good $30 entree really twice as good as a good $15 entree? Is a middling truffle dish better than perfectly cooked collard greens?

                1. re: kibbles

                  Good point on subjectivity, but at the same time, sometimes bad is bad and good is good.

          2. I paid a visit for lunch last Friday and really enjoyed the food and cocktails. I had the Gent & The Jackass (Bourbon, paprika, basil & lemon) and the Lionel Ritchie, (bourye, maple, rosemary and lemon) Both were very balanced drinks.

            I really enjoyed the Pimenton Sausage Sandwich paired with squid, romesco, mustard greens and aioli. Great sandwich. I followed that up with the Goat Tacos which came with three tacos filled with a generous portion of meat. Their housemade sauces were perfect additions. I couldn't leave without trying the Millionaire's Milk- Bourbon, cream, sugar and spice. Nice liquid dessert.

            Very cool spot.