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Jan 27, 2012 08:18 PM

weavers coffee

Weaver is a demi-god in the coffee roasting world. Like over 30 years roasting. His coffees do have subtle differences and if you french press the different roasts you really get the true "taste" of the coffee. Most shops may or may not pull a great espresso but their cafe pulls a rocking double espresso with a kick ass crema. I may not be saying it right but I know what I like and I like the coffee. I even turned on my friends to weavers - and they turned on their friends to weavers. They have like 20 something coffee's and killer teas too! There is a cool cafe in San Rafael - hard to find but worth the effort - there is no attitude in their cafe - unlike other roasters who are RIDICULOUS on attitude.

The antique roaster in the place was Peets. it is super cool and if you can catch Weaver there he can tell you the story about it. He worked with Peet a long time and there is a letter from him in their cafe. You can watch the guy roast the freaking coffee through the window --- I love their coffee and drink it all day. Their House is a good value and their chamomile tea puts me to bed at night.

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  1. Thanks for the info. Another recent post inquiring about Weaver's

    Weaver's Coffee?

    Address, hours and lots of positive reviews

    in addition to the shop they are sold at a lot of markets such as Draeger's, Andronico's, Whole Foods and Safeway.

    A few restaurants currently serving Weaver's include Boulevard, Curbside Coffee, FatApple'a, Prospect, Seven Hills and a few more.

    And seriously ... thanks for the post.

    1. I stopped by today. The old LaCoppa location was spiffed up a bit with two comfy chairs, a six stool bar area and a big screen tv.

      Today's coffee was aged mocha java, a strong yet smooth brew. A bit on their site about aged beans

      They also had an aged Sumatran. This is a Peet's type of coffee when Peets had a little more love put into it. John Weaver is in the back doing the roasting. They expanded so much of the past few years I wondered if he was still there.

      The people there are really nice. I chatted a bit with the assistant roaster who really was very informative about the beans. It is not so much a cafe as a place to buy beans with a few seats if you want to drink there. The reason for the room was to bring in potential clients and do cuppings.

      They list a number of locations in Japan. It turns out one of the partners is from there. If I understood correctly, they trained people there to roast beans rather than supplying the coffee from San Rafael.

      There are six bulk bins with a scale next to them, so you can buy as much or little as you like. They will grind them if you like. There is a slightly larger variet of pre-packed one pound bags.

      Tea is available in bags or loose leaf.

      There is a 15% discount if buying two pounds or more. There was a steady stream of customers dropping by for a coffee or beans.