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Jan 27, 2012 05:49 PM

Winterlicious: Chiado

Four of us had a really great lunch at Chiado. It's their first Winterlicious. The room was half-full (pity) despite great notices in Toronto Life website and NOW newspaper (which claimed Alvino was 28 years of age). $25 Lunch plus taxes and gratuity

Amuse Bouche
Fresh cheese with a reduction of balsamic and honey with rosemary

Daily Soup
Mixed Seasonal Greens, fresh fruit tossed with a Balsamic vinaigrette
Grilled Sardines
Lobster and Shrimp bisque saffron &cognac

Stir fried salted cod (bacalhau a braz)
Grilled Filet of Atlantic Salmon crusted with fresh herbs, plum chutney
Pan Seared Skate Fish on coriander risotto
Roasted Breast of Capon crusted with fresh herbs, garlic, with piri piri
Grilled Squid tossed with fresh garlic, lemon, coriander, olive oil
Vegetarian risotto

Platter of Various Sweets
White chocolate flan

Nothing unusual since everything is pretty well off the menu, but the style, service, manner and presentation, and quantity seemed to be the same as always. A really well-thought out introduction to what Chiado can do. Sardines, bisque (dairyless), calmari, skate, cod, risotto and desserts -- all were winners.

(I have no monetary interest in Chiado)

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  1. Chiado is a great place, I was there last week. It rarely gets a nod here as the Chowhounders seem to like all the new places that serve offal and other bits more.

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      I went to Chiado in December, for the first time in years. The service was fantastic, but I found the Assorda underwhelming, heavy and salty. I won't order that again. I should've gone with a market fish or grilled octopus. I did like the arugula salad and the Molotoff dessert. I realize none of these dishes apart from the Molotoff are offered during the lunch prix fixe.

      What did you order foodyDudey?

      Wish Chiado kept Caldo Verde on their regular lunch and dinner menu.