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Jan 27, 2012 04:36 PM

ISO Potato Skins

Suddenly got a real hankering for potato know....from the '80's....all crispy and full of sour cream, bacon bits, green onions.....I know you want to deny knowing about them but we all had them at least once! :)

Is there any restaurant in TO still selling them and are they within the realm of "fairly decent". Due to recent carpal tunnel surgery, I can't make them myself....and that could explain the hankering too. Surgery + feeling sorry for myself = potato skin hankering. Ya, ya, ...that's it! :)

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  1. I saw them on the menu at The Thompson Hotel Diner (formerly The Counter), but I haven't tried them. I can say that they do fried things well there.

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      Thanks justsayn, but a trip to New York is a bit out of my realm right now...what with my hand in a cast and all. Looking for places in east end Toronto preferably.

      1. re: Livingtoeat

        I someone can tell you where to buy them I'll be arriving shortly after you.

        1. re: Livingtoeat

          I think they meant the location on Wellington St in Toronto.

          1. re: cheesymama

            Looks like the Thompson Hotel sells them. Not my part of town.


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            Hi Justsayn,

            I am enjoying the "perks" of surgery so did not realize you were referencing the Toronto location. I will investigate further. Thanks.

        2. I think Sneaky Dee's has them.

          1. if your out mississauga way you could try the texas longhorn steakhouse, they have really good skins.

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            1. re: youdonut

              They have them at the Brass Taps on Danforth near Logan.