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Jan 27, 2012 04:16 PM

Hello experts, I need some advice for dinner Saturday night

We're two couples that are looking for someplace different for dinner tomorrow night. Anything goes, limit is about $50/pp, would prefer byob and should be within 30 minutes of Scotch Plains (exit 135 GSP). 30 minutes can be 25-30 miles in any direction, just don't feel like crossing the river (Hudson that is). Thanks in advance or your advice, I'm really looking forward to the recommendations.

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  1. Try a family owned storefront with excellent Argentinian food about 40 minutes from Scotch Plains. BYOB, great steaks, fish, "house rice", Crabmeat rissotto,, a special, shrimp eiza, under $50 pp

    Churrasco Grill
    137 North Beverwyck Rd
    Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey

    In Bloomfield try byob
    Mes Reves
    407 Broad Street
    Bloomfield, New Jersey

    For more formal dinner slightly higher at $66pp. Be certain to look out at their beautiful garden open during mild weather

    Cafe Matisse
    167 Park Avenue
    Rutherford, New Jersey

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    1. Head to Daryl in New Brunswick

      1. We actually ended up going to Viet Ai in Florham Park. Turned out there were eight of us and it was a hoot. Was the food spectacular, no but it was good. Thanks all for your advice and I've written the offerings down for our next excursion. Thanks again.

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          Vietnam ai makes my favorite pho broth...good call!