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healthy dessert recipes?

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What are some good healthy dessert recipes?

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  1. "Healthy" is kind of a loaded question because it depends on the person's views. Are you talking about low fat, low carb, low sugar? For some, a pavlova or angel food cake might be healthy because they're low fat but they're also high in sugar. I like cobblers because you can cut the sugar and use the sweetness of the fruit, add nuts (another high fat item that some might avoid) and go heavy on the oatmeal (which low carb people don't eat) but you still get the sugar from the fruit. What is "healthy" to you?

    1. You might look at some Jacques Pepin recipes. He does a lot of inventive things with fruit.

      1. poached pears with dark chocolate sauce.

        1. Fruit.

          Greek yogurt with a little honey and some fruit.

          IMO, a good homemade chocolate mousse made with eggs and chocolate and that's pretty much it.

          Or you could go in the direction of such abominations as brownies made with black beans and the like.

          1. This time of year, clementines and oranges are in season. I like to toast some slivered almonds and some shredded coconut, and top clementines with that. Peel the clementines but don't separate the sections, then slice them into "pinwheels". Sometimes I marinate the fruit for a little while with St Germain, or with Grand Marnier before topping with the almonds and coconut for an adult version of this dessert.

            1. My first response is pfffttt, dessert without decadence isn't worth the work. But, must admit, a fresh fruit and well-paired cheese service can make an excellent dessert.

              1. One of my favorite desserts is a fruit salad with mangos, raspberries, oranges and red grapes in a syrup made of sugar, water (1:2 ratio),a strip of lemon zest, cinnamon stick and a little rosewater. Boil the syrup ingredients together, adding the rosewater at the end, and then remove the lemon zest strip and cinnamon stick. Store the syrup in a clean jar in the fridge for about a month and use it whenever you want to turn fruit into a dessert.

                1. I like this citrus almond olive oil cake, which, while high in fat, is mostly extra virgin olive oil -- you don't need the glaze if you're cutting down on butter. I also cut down on the sugar, because I like things less sweet, and use whole wheat pastry flour. But yes, it really does depend on what you consider healthy!


                  I also love fruit cobblers made with lots of fruit, little sugar, and a light biscuit dough with only a *little* bit of butter!

                  1. These lemon budino are refreshing, tart, and absolutely delicious - and very little sugar and egg and milk per serving, plus no butter. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...