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Jan 27, 2012 01:17 PM

Kirkland Brand Blue cheese- source?

Most of the remaining cheese that was branded now is KIrkland brand. As an Example today I saw the Kirkland Brand blue cheese that came in similar package as Point Reyes cheese . This cheese was branded Kirkland and said on the label "made in an Artisan style" in America. The point Reyes sold for $9.99 and this cheese sold for $4.49. Does anyone know the source of this cheese?

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  1. If the cheese seems the same it might be the same. Private-label products often cost less than half what the brand-name versions cost.

    1. The package says made in Wisconsin. II would not appear to be Point Reyes Blue.

      1. I have been purchasing the Point Reyes cheese for some time. I decided to buy the Kirkland blue cheese. It is not very good. It does not crumble well and is very waxy and sour. I am not purchasing it again.