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Jan 27, 2012 01:03 PM

Clementine Reduction/Sauce?

We recently bought a huge bag of clementines and have only been able to eat about half before they started to go moldy a day or two ago. Don't want to toss out the non-moldy ones but definitely can't eat that many and don't want to make a clementine cake, so am thinking about making a simply reduction/sauce of clementine to spoon over yogurt, cheesecake, etc. Couldn't find any recipes on the net (only recipes for marmalade). Can I improvise this by basically just combining a little zest from the peels, de-seeding them, and cooking on stove with a bit of sugar and water, maybe some lemon juice? Do I need to remove the inner skin which holds the individual pieces, or only the outer peel?

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  1. Can you zest and juice them?
    The membranes could be a problem and my choice would be to just work with the juice to make a simple syrup.
    You could macerate them and use them in a gastrique.

    1. I zest it, then peel it, and hack the flesh up a bit and put the flesh and the zest in a pan with some water, maybe some sugar and a pinch of salt, and cook it until you have the consistency you want.