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Jan 27, 2012 12:41 PM

Anyone been to the Milton Inn relatively recently?

As many of you know Valentine's Day is fast approaching. I generally go with my staple Oregon Grille, who I've always enjoyed. I was under the impression that Milton Inn was equal in regards to food/romantic atmosphere and quality. I decided that we'd probably go there (She's never been to either). I was talking to someone recently who said they heard from a few people that Milton's Food quality isn't as good as it once was, when compared to price and Oregon. Does anyone have any recent experience? I haven't been to Oregon in about 6 months, but was satisfied last time, just thought I would switch it up. Thanks.

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    1. re: thenoxus1

      The Milton Inn does a good job on holidays-they likely have a special menu on Valentine's Day. The food is good and the price fair. Ask for a table in the hearth room . Much more romantic atmosphere then the Oregon Grill which is more of a steak house. Unless you want to travel into the city I would stick with the Milton Inn.

    2. Went there NY Eve. Being in the Business it was my mistake to dine out on one of the special occasion nights. Food was no more than average. Undercooked Filet and lamb. Uninspired dishes.

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      1. re: cgooroo69

        Hmm, decisions. Bune..we will be going the saturday right after Vday, so it should be back to standard menu then. I'm looking for a healthy mix of atmosphere/good food. Something formal, and romantic at the same time. Around here..all I can really think of is that or Oregon. I don't really want to venture into the city that night, and besides that, there's not much within 30 minutes or so if the towson-timonium area.

        Now I'm back to being undecided...

        1. re: thenoxus1

          I have fond memories of the Milton Inn, although it has been a long time. However, I have more recent (and very negative) memories of the Oregon Grille, which combines pretentiousness with nasty service and overpriced wine and food.

          1. re: lawhound

            Lawhound--Ii am saddened to hear that you have such a negative attitude to the Oregon Grille. I've only had very many positive dining experiences there with Hubby. Yes--it is expensive and sometimes the food isn't innovative.

            But, the service has been fantastic--if you ever deem to return, ask for Tom. He is a fabulously friendly, professional waiter. We know him from the years he serviced at Peerce's Plantation.

            The veal chop and grilled oysters are excellent. Salads are very fresh. We made special requests to change items in certain salads and were accommodated without any issues.

            I,too, recall many delightful meals at the Milton Inn. But, the last time there we were disappointed. Can't really identify the specifics as it was almost two years ago. But, it is a lovely, romantic restaurant. Their menu reads very well, but the execution doesn't quite impress me. I really should endeavor to return and give the restaurant another chance.

            What is your impression of Cinghiale (forgive me if I mispelled)? I was totally unimpressed and have no desire to return. And, of course, love Charleston, but have refrained fromdining there on account of the price point. Correct me if I am wrong--years ago the restaurant offered an a la carte menu. That was quite intriquing. I just don't want to be forced into 3 to 4 or 5 course meals with a specified price point. Ironically, if the menu is a la carte, my husband and I usually spend more then the imposed pris fixe designation. FoiGras

            1. re: FoiGras

              Ha, you finally made it to Cinghiale!

              What was disappointing for you? Food? Value? Atmosphere?

              1. re: gregb

                Guess I had higher expectations for Cinghiale. The food was okay--I found the portions to be a bit slighter then anticipated, and I am a fairly light eater--more of a grazer of lots of small portions.

                I believe that the round of goat cheese that my husband ordered, prior to being seated at our table, was about the size of a 50 cent pieces with one round of crostini--the charge was about $7.00 if I recall. We found that to be a bit excessive.

                The atmosphere is lovely, service very professional. I guess we should give it another chance at some point. FoiGras

                1. re: FoiGras

                  I have found Cinghiale to be hit or miss. Our last experience was awful in terms of service and quality of food (fatty, over-cooked meat for my husband and just so-so fish for me), but the time before was to die for. With prices so expensive, it's hard to justify going back to try it again, especially when there are so many other great choices out there. Still, I want to love Cinghiale-- it certainly fills a gap in the Baltimore restaurant scene...

                  1. re: stephanieg

                    I am glad that I am not the only one with the non-enthusiastic opinion with regards to Cinghiale. I, too, want to love it, but like you expressed, there are certainly many other options that aren't hit or miss.

                    What gets me is that the Wolf/Foreman couple has "perfected" Charleston and Petite Louis. Why can't they get Cinghiale together? And, doesn't the couple own Pazo? Forget that place. We had an awful experience there. Tables are too close together (well, they are also at Petite Louis-but the food makes up for that annoyance)--the service at Pazo was snotty and the food unimpressive. We have no intention of giving Pazo a second chance. FoiGras

                  2. re: FoiGras

                    I think that pretty much nails it. I thought the food was good to exceptional (pastas) with the worst offense being over salted. I also agree that the portions are very petit for the prices. The 3 course $29 menu (bruschetta, pasta, and dolci) appeals to me when I go back to give it another shot, but I just know I'll be hungry at the end of it all.

                    Impressive wine list as well.

                    1. re: gregb

                      gregb--as I just responded to stephanieg--Cinghiale needs to get it's act together. If Wolf/Foreman can produce two other very good to excellent restaurants, i.e., Charleston and Petite Louis, why can't Cinghiale live up to the reputation of those two.

                      When we went to Cinghiale we ordered a la carte and the portions were small. Now, I can perhaps understand when you order the 3 courses for $29.00. I wouldn't expect full blown courses. I never find those pris fixe menus appealing, but that is just my issue.

                      My husband and I find it amusing that we thought the portions were somewhat small, but then when we dine at Tio Pepe's, Prime Rib, Flemings, Oregon Grille, Ruths' Chris, etc., we groan at the huge portions and most usually carry out a "doggy bag." Are we being just to snobby/pickey? lol FoiGras

                      1. re: FoiGras

                        I have never been disappointed at Cingiale. It does serve small portions, but that's fine with me--and I am a big person. I much prefer it to Petit Louis--only a few blocks away, but I cant stand the noise and the unprofessional service. Oreon Grille is a bit of hit-or-miss, but go for lunch, when it's almost always excellent--when it's on, it's great.

                        1. re: tartuffe

                          I am with you on Cinghiale. The food is always first-rate, and if you want big portions, please feel free to go to the Macaroni Grill. The service is excellent, the vibe is good, and the wine list is the best in Baltimore, hand down. Where else will you find gewurztraminer from northern Italy?

                          I am puzzled, though, by the reference to Petit Louis being a few blocks away -- it's a good five miles. Are you thinking of a different spot?

                          1. re: tartuffe

                            Assume you mean Pazo being a few blocks away, rather than Petit Louis.

                            Also count me in as a Cinghiale fan -- for lovers of northern Italian food and all-Italian wine, the best wine list in the area. And the Tuesday 1/2 price wine special is great.