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Jan 27, 2012 12:30 PM

Fairway in Stamford

We are going to a dinner show at Curtain Call in Stamford. Does anyone have any experience with hot/cold food bar at Fairway? Thanks in advance!

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  1. There is a bewildering set of choices if you include the cook-to-order counters along with the salad bar. I've had the pizza, burgers (a salmon burger too), and fries, while my family has had noodles, sushi and paninis as well. In my experience all are at least OK and some are quite good, along with the prepared food buffet that is charged by the pound. It's a dependable place, especially if you're pressed for time or have divergent opinions about what you want, but hardly the best restaurant in Stamford.

    1. Sooo many better choices in Stamford to go.

      1. I have to say there are many better choices for grub in Stamford.

        1. Agree there are better choices for dinner.
          But if you are grocery shopping around lunchtime, Fairway is the joint. And, you can get a pretty good pastrami sandwich, a real rarity in these parts!

          1. Great grocery store, however, the one time I ordered a panini from food court the meat in the panini was too fatty and the cheese wasn't really melted . Fairway was very good about refunding my money on the panini when I came back with it. Unfortunately, I haven't ordered anything else from their food court since.