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Jan 27, 2012 11:47 AM

dinner tonight in north county

Any suggestions for a delicious place to grab some dinner tonight in Encinitas, Solana Beach, or Del Mar? Not TOO pricey, but around $30 person (or less), not including drinks. Open to all types of food.

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  1. If you share and appetizer and have two entrees Q'ero might be an goofoption.

    1. Third Corner.
      Great wine selection too.

      1. Flavor Del Mar for happy hour till 6:30
        Brigantine happy hour Solana Beach
        Fidels in SB
        Tony Jacals in SB
        Blue Ribbon in Encinitas
        El Especial de Norte
        Fish Market Oyster Bar

        1. I"m late to this, but Blue Ribbon Artisanal Pizzeria has been my new fave find lately...may be able to get dinner at Solace for that price range too (my other fave new find in N. Cty).

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            Hey d..
            Talk to me about this where the old Lumberyard space used to be?
            Looks good..


            1. re: Beach Chick

              Solace is in the Whole Foods complex off 101. It's easy to miss b/c you can easily drive by and miss it. It's the North County counterpart of Urban Solace in North Park. I didn't study the menus very closely (went to Solace for lunch and the Urban Solace for dinner in the same week), but they appear to have similar items, ie: grilled cheese and tomato-fennel soup, which was absolutely divine. made w/ either challah or brioche bread, which holds up really well to all the cheese and doesn't get soggy at the end.

              Not sure if this was the old Lumberyard space....

              1. re: Beach Chick

                As D stated, it is in the new Whole Foods complex, a little north of Old Lumberyard. A little far for us, but we have lunched there a couple of times. Similar menu to Urban Solace, with a little more focus on seafood, given their proximity to the ocean/beach. Great oyster selection in the bar.

                1. re: foodiechick

                  Too late but.... here is my 2 cents.

                  Solace and the Moonlight Lounge is our new favorite spot in North County.

                  EVERYTHING is great…. But we usually lean toward the following… biscuits, oysters, mussels with tomato butter, wedge salad, warm salad w/ bacon dressing, hangar steak, burger and of course the coconut cake for dessert. Fun cocktails, great beers on tap and the wine list is interesting and some fair deals for bottles. Corkage is $15. Brunch is also amazing… some of the best egg benes I have ever had and their amazing burger is on the menu. Cinnamon rolls w/ pecan butter are just decadent and the coffee is nice and strong.

                  Service has always been stellar!

                  Kitchen 1540 and Flavor are good too but Solace is just very cool (much better than the cougar filled Union). We always eat upstairs either outside or at the communal table in the middle. We also love the 3rd Corner, Blue Ribbon , El Q’ero and I’Trulli as well. For Inland Encinitas I would suggest Savory as well.

                  Market in Del Mar is next on our list.