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Jan 27, 2012 11:42 AM

Cocco's in Flemington

Cocco's has reopened in a new location. Several years ago, Cocco's used to be in the space that is now occupied by 55 Main. They recently re-opened across the street in the space that used to be the coffee shop.

The space is nice but I found the seating to be quite uncomfortable. I had the cuban panini for lunch and it was quite good. It came with a spicy dressing that was very tasty. There were too many raw onions for my taste, but it was easy enough to remove them. It was a nice portion size.

Cocco's also brought back their gelato. I didn't have any, but there were many flavors available, and it looked creamy and fresh.

I will definitely go back. It's a nice addition to the casual lunch options on Main Street, Flemington. I hope they can do something with the seating to make it a bit more comfortable, though.

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  1. I was at Cocco's last night, and they have some new chairs. The wooden ones were still there (I assume the ones you found uncomfortable), but they also have large ones that are covered in fabric and have good cushioning and a solid back.

    The gelato is still very good, and they have the best coffee in town, IMO. I like it strong.