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Jan 27, 2012 11:35 AM

Fresh Yeast- where to buy

Does anyone know where I can buy fresh yeast in LA? Here are the places I've exhausted:
- Grocery stores, including the bakery dept (whole foods included)
- bakeries within 10 miles or so of Santa Monica
- Surfas....they sometimes carry it although they haven' t been able to get it for the last 2 months from their supplier.

Online: looks like i could order it from here:

but the shipping is 3-4x the cost of the yeast brick...

Any suggestions welcome!


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  1. well, every year someone comes on CH with that exact same query, and for the past couple of years it dwindled to "only Surfas carries it and not all the time". So your best bet is online, unfortunately. I wish I could find it easily. The resources I haven't tried yet are Erewhon, and the Co-Op in Santa Monica. If you find it there, please report, thanks!

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    1. re: bad nono

      Thanks for the reply. I know...seems to be an ongoing hunt and was hoping to get the latest advice.

      I've tried CO-op in Santa Monica, but not Erewhon. I've also emailed a few wholesalers and Fleischmann (ACH Foods) directly. I'll report back!

      1. re: jbohle

        I looked at Erewhon in the past (1-2+ years) and it did not carry fresh yeast then. But, I was at Erewhon recently and it has been re-arranged quite a bit and it looked like a lot of variety was gone from many departments as well. :(

    2. I found a reference to this in a pizza making thread, but it is a few years old. There is, or was, a bakery supply outfit in Glendale called Americana Bakery Distributors. Could find a website specifically for them, but here is contact info, Good luck.

      1. a past thread indicates Gloria's has it. Don't know of it's still the case but here's their website Might be worth giving them a call.

        1. And you have asked at the Rockenwagners bakery storefront..The one just east of Costco and/or

          Le Pain du jour in SM

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            That Rockenwagner's bakery is no longer a bakery and has turned into a restaurant. He moved his bakery to an industrial sized one on West Adams near Hauser

            1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

              Good to know! what is the restaurant like? Casual Breakfast/Lunch Place..

          2. i used to buy it at the gelson's on SM Blvd in weho. but of course this was back in 2006 so things have probably changed since. i would call them.