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Jan 27, 2012 10:54 AM

Amsterdam Restaurants for Valentine's Day

I'm trying to weigh the various options for Valentine's day in Amsterdam. As a former Chez Panisse Employee, I've got an obvious bias away from creamy and complex French-style food, towards fresh, sustainably grown, Southern-French or Italian food.

Another Chowhound post yielded this great summary:

"Two great alternatives to Marius would be De Witte Uyl and De Kas. De Witte Uyl also is small and personal, has an inventive fusion French / Dutch / Asian kitchen and a great wine list with many unusual organic wines. It's in de Pijp. De Kas is a bit further away from the center and located in a spectacular former green house. It's slightly bigger and more professional, only uses locally produced ingredients and has some nice cocktails."

I'm considering all of these options, along with Restaurant As, but I'd like to keep the price down as much as possible. Will the De Witte Uyl be too fussy for me? Is De Kas the most expensive? Is Marius the perfect fit? Is it too far from where we're staying, near Oosterpark?

Thanks for your time...

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  1. Oh, we were also considering Bistro Neuf, because it seemed slightly cheaper than the other options.

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      Hi Malebe,

      Those are good questions and I believe the quote is from one of my earlier posts, so let me try to give you some more input.

      I would say that Bistrot Neuf is different in that it's more of a traditional French bistro. It's much busier and the food is more old school French. It's also cheaper indeed.

      Both Restaurant As and Marius have a Chez Panisse past. Assume you are aware of that and that's why they are on your list.

      De Kas is usually most out of the way, but actually quite close since you are staying in Oosterpark. It may be weakest in terms of food quality, depending somewhat on the menu of that day. Like every year, they have a Valentine's special:

      Marius is indeed at the other end of the city, but actually reachable in less than 30 minutes with tram 22.

      Not sure how to answer whether De Witte Uyl will be too fussy for you...

      Finally, you may also consider Balthazar's Keuken or Blauw aan de Wal. Both fit your menu requirement and are also on my list of Best Amsterdam Restaurants. Balthazar's is small, busy and fun, smack in the middle of the Jordaan. Blauw is probably the most expensive of all of the above. It's right in the middle of the red light district and certainly has a very romantic touch that fits Valentine's.

      Hope this helps!


    2. I wanted to point out that De Witte Uyl was expensive and not to my taste. There was a cold beet soup dish with herring (I think) that made me very dismayed. The best food I had in Amsterdam was a fried-egg sandwhich made with "old cheese." I'm sure we just missed the other good stuff.