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Jan 27, 2012 10:43 AM

Grote & Wiegel Out of Business


I know there have been many discussions on this board about the merits of local hot dogs. Of course, not everyone agrees on this topic but one company, Grote and Wiegel always received a lot of kudos along with the likes of Mucke, etc. Today, I received an email from Doogies, a renowned hot dog, cheesesteak and fried food emporium on the Berlin Turnpike in Newington, CT. Doogie sold a lot of two foot hot dogs and dogs of other sizes and was probably one of G&W's biggest customers. Doogie reports the sad news that G&W is no more, out of business. They will be missed. RIP, G&W.

  1. Went to Doogies once. Have to admit, G&W put out a good product. Bought it from S&S numerous times. Thought Martha Stewart was a fan, too. Sorry to see them go under.

    1. Interesting that G&W's website is still up and running and you can place orders for 10lb boxes of hot dogs

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          BUT, CHOWMENSCH says that Doodie reports G&W is OUT OF BUSINESS. That is NOt what the courant article you link to says. The Courant says G&W is going out of business, NOT closed. And quotes a local supermarket as still getting deliveries.
          It is likely that G&W cut out the special production runs of things like the 3 foot dog for Doogies in anticipation of the closing and suggested Doogie find a new supplier.

          As it stands on 01272012 G&W was still in business, but on its last legs.

          Some firms have avoided the grim reaper and it does them harm to prematurely spread information that they have already closed. Until the auction at the end of February, a white knight could appear, buy the equipment, recipes, etc. and keep the company name and product vailable with an infusion of cash.

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            I was just posting the link, I have no knowledge one way or the other

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              No one is spreading premature rumors. Production ceases at the end of the week. I for one am going to try to buy a box of them. I feel badly that I haven't been a recent purchaser myself. I have always liked G&W but usually choose Mucke's. Interesting how the article talks about the meticulously clean facility. It's too bad so many people will buy Ballpark Franks or some other megafactory product because it costs $1 less. If it's too late now to support G&W, some of us should at least make a point of supporting one or more of these other local companies, all of which are struggling. Martin Rosol or Mucke's Kielbasa, not HIllshire Farms! It tastes 3 times better, it's a local product, and it only costs a little more. Try a mushy dog from Kahn's or Oscar Meyer and use a little imagination on how they keep their prices low.

        2. I was sent that email also. There has not been any mention in the trade sites, but I did mention it to a couple of local buyers and they did confirm G&W closing. Too bad. I enjoyed making their white brats in beer and onions on the grill. I do know they were doing some co-packing and trying to expand into deli meats. Their product is high quality and rather expensive. It's tough times still. Hopefully someone buys their plant and continues to make their products.

          If I hear anything in the trade, I'll post it here.

          1. This is sad, I loved their dogs. I guess I should have bought them more often.

            1. So sad. Went and bought a few large packs of natural casing dogs for the freezer, I always like their dogs best of all the local producers.