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Publix Subs - What's so Great?

I just recently moved to Atlanta and we have Publix here. Everyone talks about their subs.

What's so great and what do you get on your sub?

Boar's Head meats? Toppings?

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  1. I usually get the Italian sub, with Boar's Head, mayo and a dash of oil, black pepper and oregano. I'd get jalapeno too, but they never have fresh ones, only pickled.

    1. When traveling in the FL/GA area, Publix is a great place to have / pick up a sub - substantially better than Subway & similar sub chains, although they'll never compare with a typical CT grinder.

      1. It's pretty much a standard sub done acceptably well and with fresh ingredients that comes in at a good price point compared to the standalone shops. We'll split a whole turkey & swiss or turkey & provolone and then add spicy mustard, oregano, Parmesan, onion, tomato, green pepper, and black olive.

        1. Very fresh bread, really like the multi-grain bread. The toppings are also very good. My big pet peeve, though, is that there is never a lot of meat on it. Seriously, very little meat, otherwise, it is a really good sub.

          1. Their cuban is pretty good. As others have mentioned, the fresh bread is good. The Boars Head meat subs are usually a buck more.

            1. I think Publix subs are good, but expensive for what you get. Also, whenever there's a line at the Publix sub counter or deli, there are invariably multiple employees hanging out back there, not working or helping but just chatting. On the rare times I feel like a Publix sub, I usually get too frustrated waiting in the long lines and watching the inefficient use of manpower, and leave empty-handed.

              1. the bread is good, I like to make up what I like rather than order from their list. They will cut any meat or cheese you want so ask for something not already pre-sliced and they go and do it fresh for you. I'm a boring sub person, sliced cheddar, tomato and mayo is my favorite.

                1. When all you're used to is the subway five dollar footlong, anything done decently well will seem awesome by comparison.

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                    the best thing about Publix subs is they are1000 % better than any one of those sh#@%ole chain places and you don't get that smell.
                    last week they had a special, buy a half or whole Boars Head roast beef & get a free soda & chips. a half was like $5.69.decent amount of meat for the price.