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Jan 27, 2012 08:28 AM

Where can i buy Chicha Morada by the quart or gallon and will it taste as good as balcones del peru and mo-chica?

Are there stores/markets where i can buy Chicha Morada? I wouldn't expect it to be restaurant quality--don't need bits of pineapple in it (although that wouldn't hurt). But i wouldn't want some fake, overly sweet version...thoughts? thanks, in advance.

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  1. Have you inquired at either of the restaurants you name in your post if they would be willing to sell it to you in the quantity you are looking for (if you brought your own container with you)?

    If all else fails see here:

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      Great advice, Servorg. I'll look into this. I guess i was also wondering if there is like a place to just buy it in a market, but perhaps you are right--the best way might be either to buy the real thing from mo-chica or make it myself.

    2. I maybe a little late for this but if you go to some Latino markets they sometimes have a powder version of Chicha Morada made by negrita, basically you make it like you would koolaid just by adding sugar. I have actually found some peruvian restraunts use this to make thier pitchers of chicha that they serve to customers. You can try to buy premade chicha from the local restraunt but I think that would probably be very expensive in the end. Even going into a market that specializes in peruvian food it's hard to find premade batches of Chicha morada. My wife makes chicha from scratch she just goes to the local latino market buys the ingredients (purple corn found in the peruvian section, pineapple, apples, cinnimon, cloves, limes and sugar) and makes large batches like 3 gallons at a time.

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