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Jan 27, 2012 08:11 AM

Need help for Nice in April

We will be spending two weeks in Nice this April, and could use some help. This will be our third time there, so we have some favorites in Nice - Bistro Antoine, Bar du Coin, Achiardo, to name a few. We had a great lunch on a Sunday in Antibes at Le Vauban. Generally we prefer bistro atmosphere to Michelin starred restaurants.

Would love to find a place for great tartare either in Nice or surrounding towns. Also, Sunday is pretty slim for choices in Nice - we really don't love dining on the Cours de Saleya, so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Cafée de Turin, 5 place Garibaldi is decent. Those touristy places around the corner on Cours de Saleya are all pretty dreadful.

    If you're ok with spending a bit more money, Brasserie La Rotonde in Hôtel Negresco is open Sunday for dinner as well. The interior is a bit much but the food is really quite good. The other resto in that same hotel, Le Chantecler is amazing but only open for lunch on Sunday.

    Slim pickings in Nice on a Sunday eve in low season....

    1. Just came back from a 2 day trip to Nice and found Bistro d'Antoine really nice too with simple, homey food. The other place we went to called Voyageur Nissart has a very good price-point but the meal was a little mixed with good plats making up for quite middling entrées so I cannot recommend that without reservation.
      In Antibes we had lunch at a really delightful restaurant called La Taille de Guepe. Fresh, light cuisine for the calorie conscious (or not) and I'm just super impressed with the service.

      Hope this helps!

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        Thank you Pedro and xigua. La Taille de Guepe looks lovely. I'm dreaming of the Tarte Aux Pommes at Bistro d'Antoine, can't wait to have it again.