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Jan 27, 2012 07:55 AM

Greek in the west burbs of Chicago

Looking to get away from the old favorite of Greek Islands. Can anyone please help me find good food in the west burbs? I am willing to drive a little, but I just want it to be worth the drive.

Thanks for your help!!!

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  1. Costas in Oakbrook Terrace would be worth a try.

    1. We enjoy Odyssey which has a location in Lombard and St Charles. We go to the St Charles location on North Ave. near the mall. Great food, great staff

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        We have been very pleased with Basil's Greek Restaurant located in Westridge Mall (formerly Fox Valley Mall) in Aurora. Food is mostly cooked to order, very good, reasonably priced. You can get certificates for the place (but not usable on some weekend nights)

      2. I would give Odyssey another vote. We always go to the one in Lombard and have never been disappointed. The food & service has always been excellent!