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Jan 27, 2012 07:53 AM

Brunch near Nashua

I found an old thread from 2008 so thought I should get some updated opinions. We NEVER do brunch, but my inlaws are coming up in a few weeks and we are looking for something to do on Sunday.

I don't want fancy like the BVI since we'll have two toddlers. But I still want nice with good food.

Back in 2008, the Crowne Plaza seemed to be the recommended brunch. How about now?

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  1. Also, is it okay to bring kids to Stonehedge in Tyngsboro? They have a children's price listed.

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      Someone posted in another thread that Tek Nique in Bedford had a really good brunch.

      1. re: SuperGrover

        oh thanks, i never think of them. haven't been there yet.

        i know mt's no longer has one.

        not interested in the holiday inn.

        so far i've found stonehedge, bvi, crowne plaza, giorgios, country tavern (no way), and now tek nique.

        1. re: rizzo0904

          if you will consider Manchester, Republic and Delux both have great brunches. Kids welcome at both.

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        Just remembered the Midfield Cafe at the Nashua airport--kids will love it because of the planes taking off.

      3. The Common Man Restaurant Chain has many locations throughout NH. I really like the Concord
        location for Sunday Brunch. Use call ahead seating, especially around 11:00 to 1:00 time frame.
        The food is delicious and the service great. Every week the meat selection changes at the carving station. All breakfast foods are available. The serving line contains a fish and chicken entree and other hot items. The cost is $13.95 a person. Not sure what the price is for children.
        I recommend this brunch and believe you will like it. ENJOY!!

        1. I'd go with Tek Nique over the ones mentioned. Went there for dinner and was pretty much spot on, so can imagine the brunch would be up there as well. Actually looking at the brunch menu now and looks amazing and varied.

          Republic in Manchester is awesome for breakfast, though not really a 'brunch menu' as is Riverhouse Cafe in Milford Oval.

          Where Richards Bistro was is supposed to be good, but havent been yet