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Jan 27, 2012 07:41 AM

Jupiter to WPB - the hit list

We have the good fortune to be back in this area for a few weeks. So last year we tried the following - in no particular order!

1) Food Shack - loved the food and the vibe for lunch....felt it might not be so great for dinner as you may feel pressured due to lineups.
2) Season's 52 - chain that does better than most. Had been in Orlando before so no surprise and consistent - very good
3) Hurricane Cafe - decent breakfast but lineup on the weekend
4) Cafe Sole - excellent wraps and pizza for lighter fare
5) Hogsnappers - we had a great meal here - believe it was the whole hogfish dinner
6) Anthony's coal Fired Pizza - as I remember it was good!
7) Jupiter Island Grill - as I recall we landed in on an evening when we were not very hungry so can't make a comment, but may make a return visit
8) Pita Grille - returned more than once and enjoyed every time...will return this year although I understand it has changed owners.
And likely a couple more that don't come to mind right now....

So who/what/where do we put on the hit list for this year? Looking for any type of cuisine as well. We would love to find a great local Italian, non-chain restaurant. We are willing to drive and we are not early diners! Suggestions would be appreciated!! TIA

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  1. Try Leftovers Cafe instead of Food Shack for a slightly less wait. Same owners.

    Reef Grill in Juno on US-1 is a must try and the apps alone kick booty! Be prepared to wait.

    Ke'e Grill, Jetty's on the Jupiter inlet, or Cool'a Fish Bar in PBG for very good seafood. Same owners but Ke'e is a bit more upscale.

    Casa Mia in Jupiter next to the Jupiter Island Grill is a great Italian resto or if you want to go up a notch try Carmine's La Trattoria in PBG. Portobello's in Jupiter would be another option for you.

    Pita Grille is a fav or mine and the new owners have done well.

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    1. re: freakerdude

      Thanks Freaker.....I knew I could count on your reply. Forgot to mention a Thai recommend. I believe you're a fan of Talay Thai - is that the best bet?
      We are also pho lovers, although not quite as appealing in hot weather! Vietnamese Express Cafe has been touted I believe....Thanks again!!

      1. re: LoN

        Talay Thai is your best bet and another called Thai Grand Palace on Donald Ross. Mr. Zhang's Chinese is across Donald Ross from TGP and is worthy. My last bun meal at VEC was just ok but their pho is always good.

      2. re: freakerdude

        I just returned from Leftovers minutes ago - good as ever.

        Rock Shrimp egg rolls, Indironi, Panko-cruster Oysters over greens, and,,,

        Slow roaster then fried Crispy Pork Belly tossed in chipotle/caramel over juliened daijon, jicima, asian pears, orange and green onion salad

        Not to mention some delish house-made sangria and a couple of great Monk IPA's from local craft brewer Inlet Brewing.

        1. re: CFByrne

          If you haven't taken your trip yet, you should also stop by Corner Cafe/Tequesta Brewery in Tequesta (just barely 5 minutes north of Food Shack) for some outstanding food and craft beer brewed on premises.

          1. re: CFByrne

            would love to have been able to try Leftovers but we are looking for a great place for a Sunday night. Please recommend somewhere between Palm Beach Shores (I think that is where Ocean Pointe Marriott is) and Del Rey. Don't think Thai or Indian.

        2. Having quasi-relocated to Palm Beach (husband became a resident for tax purposes) I’ve been on a continual search for yummy food. I haven’t been entirely successful, but that may because I spent 20 years in NYC as a food-obsessed creature and am prone to making unfair comparisons. Definitely agree w/Little Moir’s Food Shack. I’d also add Captain Charlie’s Reef Grill. Has anyone tried Coolinary Café? Menu looks pretty interesting, plus it looks like they’re seriously into pig. Yum. A few months back I discovered Napoleon Bakery, on Dixie near the Forest Hill intersection. It is not a real restaurant, but you can easily have a fabulous, inexpensive lunch there (or take home lunch or dinner). In addition to being a full service, very good bakery/pastry shop, they also have an incredible assortment of tapas, frittatas, sandwiches, soups and even croquettes. Everything, and I mean everything, is homemade by the Basque-born mom and her son. Jon, the other son, is the “front of the house” guy, and is friendly, helpful and generous. The place has a distinctly European feel to it. My only caution is that you shouldn’t go if you’re in a hurry. That’s just not how they roll, and actually is one of the many things that make the place so charming.

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          1. re: nyc2daytonfoodie

            I made it to Coolinary Cafe this past weekend for Lunch. Went with the short rib burger medium rare and the BLT. Both were excellent. Really enjoyed my experience and look forward to trying some of the entrees for dinner.

            1. re: clauzon1325

              Thanks for the info re: Coolinary Cafe. We're going to give it a try tonight!

              1. re: nyc2daytonfoodie

                We should start a Coolinary Cafe thread of it's own on this board

          2. Thank you for adding to the original post all! Coolinary Cafe has made it's way on to my hit list too!

            Have now had the pleasure of visiting Leftover's and had the sweet potato crusted fish - excellent!
            Also had the lobster fried rice special at Talay Thai and it was delicious as suggested by other posters.
            Time is running out and the list is still so long! Another year perhaps......

            1. The Equestrian Park Grill in my opinion is a must. Really elegant country decor like the old south, with a great menu of Southern cuisine and European favorites. Their Spanish tapas are very authentic, and the tapas for 2 is great value with six small dishes and a carafe of sangria....ole!

              Check it out

              1. - Victoria's - for peruvian food if you are into it.
                - thai restaurant in tequesta - forgot the name but in a strip plaza

                - The Pelican in Lake Worth - best breakfast and best Indian/Pakistani food in Palm Beach County, and perhaps Florida. Expect long lines on Friday night.

                - Old Dixie in Jupiter - classic diner in Jupiter,FL (30 years established). Fast fast and good quality breakfast.

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                1. re: sis22sis22

                  I tried Victoria's Peruvian based on a glowing review from the PB Post. When we we looking over the menu, the waiter said all fish served on the menu was grouper. Well, I ordered that 'grouper' and grouper it was not. It was very thin and long. You can't even pound a grouper that thin haha. I am positive it was not what I ordered so I will never go back again.

                  1. re: freakerdude

                    I think you might be right, now that i recall...
                    Had the seafood platter and the fish didn't taste anything like grouper.....

                    1. re: freakerdude

                      if your into grouper, i think pelican does a fresh black grouper, with a housemade masala/curry sauce and its sublime....
                      think they source it from the keys-fresh.

                    2. re: sis22sis22

                      I thought The Pelican only did the Indian food on Friday night for dinner? Is that correct or have they changed that?

                      Have been wanting to try for a long time, thanks for the reminder.

                      This menu is not much help, it only mentions lunch. And I cannot find a website, and their FB page is useless


                      1. re: CFByrne

                        Speaking of Indian food and fusion pizza in Lake Worth.....Crazy Mario anyone?