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Jan 27, 2012 07:39 AM

Can anything good come from cocktail weiners?

I bought some tinned Vienna Sausages a while back - thought it would be fun to serve them for Oktoberfest, but never managed to put them out. I'm thinking there 'might' be something that can be done with them for a Super Bowl party I'm having. Any real life experience with them being yummy?

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    1. some variation of these bourbon barbeque franks would likely be a hit:

      My husband always asks for them for the superbowl. I'd dress up this particular recipe a bit, but you get the picture...

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        This has been an old family standard and it could make those sausages palatable. Don't try and shorten the cooking time.

      2. Wrap them in Pillsbury dough and bake them. Insert toothpicks.

        1. Vienna sausages and cocktail weiners are very different creatures. Vienna sausages are soft and quite frankly taste terrible hot--that is, if they don't fall into mush when heated. Cocktail weiners are more rugged and can stand up to heat. Keep them in your cabinet or car for an emergency.

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            And here in west Texas we pronounce it VY-ee-nuh.

            PS--Hilarious thread title.

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              I did not carefully read the thread title until I read your post. It is a misspelling of 'wiener.' In German it would be pronounced 'whiner' the way it appears above. BTW, Vienna, Austria is the city of my birth, and it is pronounced 'Vee en uh.' The Austrians call that city Wien, and it is pronounced 'Veen.'

          2. So after some research to find recipes for Vienna Sausages, in spite of the fact that the ones I have are supposed to be the best type (Armour Brand), I am going to go with wyogal's suggestions and keep 'em in the car for emergencies! Definitely not something I'm willing to serve to guests!

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              hahahahahaha! Good choice! I remember eating them once, on a car trip when I was little, next to some waterfall somewhere. Probably 45 years ago.