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Jan 27, 2012 07:12 AM

Good Chinese Restaurant in Asheville?

Has anyone discovered a good Chinese restaurant in Asheville? I've lived here for two years and I'm still looking.

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    1. Hi!

      Just didn't want you to feel as though your post went unnoticed, but sadly I have no answers. Lucky Bamboo in Black Mountain is pretty good. By pretty good I mean its better then the slop you get on a buffet. Still not great though :(

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. So, we've been here for an hour, and the (loud) phone hasn't stopped ringing. There was a line all the way to the door, and the kitchen looks like it's undergoing an air raid. They just turned off the neon "open" sign, and it's barely 7:00 pm! I'm pretty sure the owners had NO CLUE they would be clobbered this hard. They even ran out of rice (!!!). The good news is: this is definitely the best Chinese food I've ever had in Asheville. Menu is run-of-the-mill American Chinese, but veggies are crisp and fresh, and standard fare dishes like Kung Pao Chicken are light and tasty, and thankfully devoid of that sticky brown gel/sauce that is so ubiquitous in Asheville's Chinese food. The spare ribs were excellent (meaty, tender, with no sweet & sour sauce, thank gawd). Once they get a hang of the customer flow, this place will be my go-to in Asheville for authentic Chinese food. It looks like a simple takeout joint, and it's definitely not an ideal setting in terms of atmosphere. My mom and I are food snobs from NYC; we sat across from a couple of NJ expats who have been starving for good Chinese food in Asheville for 9 years. The Jersey folks said their dishes were excellent, and we were very happy with ours as well. Not enough seating, noisy acoustics, but worth the pain & suffering of their growing pains. The flustered owners gave out soft drinks and eggrolls to those of us who endured the wait, and apologized profusely. We were trying to comfort them by telling them the food was delicious and worth the wait, but they seemed a bit shell-shocked from the chaos. I hope they get to stick around long enough to get their sea legs, so I can get another order of their perfectly cooked Szechuan shrimp. A note about the five stars: admittedly, I'm being generous, but the quality of the food at Asian Wok is really high, especially for Asheville. I hope eventually they outgrow their tiny storefront, and move into an actual restaurant setting, where they could really shine.

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            Had a late lunch there (Asian Wok) today and have got to agree that it's the best Chinese I've had in Asheville. Going at an off time was a good choice as the place was fairly well deserted with a few people coming in here and there for take out. Gotta agree about the telephone. They need to turn the ringer down. The vegs in my Kung Pao chicken were the freshest and most flavorful I've had in a long time. Recommended. But I'm from the South, not New York or New Jersey, so what do I know?? ; )