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Jan 27, 2012 07:02 AM

Open House Desert for a crowd

**Dessert** not desert. I'm so ashamed.

I need dessert ideas for a birthday party that will be sort of an open house set-up. So it needs to stay out a while. So I'm less sure about things like cheesecakes, tiramisu etc.

I'll probably make a couple batches of cupcakes.
But I was not sure what else.
We have food allergies and I pretty much have to make everything.

I was thinking of doing fondant, but I've not heard good things about those chocolate fountains. Anyone know differently?

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  1. Along with the cupcakes, I'd do a couple of batches of different bar cookies (depending on how many guests there are). Brownies, blondies, chocolate chip, lemon, snickerdoodle, etc. I almost always do bars instead of drop or roll-out cookies, mainly because I am impatient & would rather just throw one pan in the oven.
    I don't like the fountains, but that is just me.

    1. Desert ideas? like sand? Is this a dessert party or a desert party?
      Fondant/chocolate fountains?
      How about individual fruit tarts, or pies? They are easy to make in muffin tins (regular size, or the small, one-two bite size).
      Some great cookies would be good, too.
      A fruit platter with some dip would be nice as well.

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        Whoops -argh -I hate when I do that!!
        Yes dessert!

        1. re: DebinD

          It's spelled opposite of logic. I always have to think about it, too!
          But anyways... cupcakes, pies/tarts, cookies, fresh fruit..... plenty.

          1. re: wyogal

            Dessert has two S's because you'd like two servings.

      2. If you can tolerate almonds, try biscotti (mandelbrot). My wife is of Italian heritage, so it's biscotti (twice baked). I took German as a language high school. Two different words for the same thing. The biscotti can sit out for hours without a problem.

        Buon appetito

        1. What about doing some vanilla pound cake, serving slices with a variety of toppings that people can choose, like berries, cherries, caramel, lemon curd, chocolate sauce and whipped cream?

          1. Not knowing what your family's allergies are, let me suggest:

            Pecan Tassies (if nuts are out, there are plenty of fruit recipes)
            Lemon curd in those pre-made filo shells with 3 blueberries on top, glazed with melted raspberry jelly (3 only because the shells are small and the odd number pleases the eye)

            On a slightly savory note, Spanish perada (pear cheese or pear jelly) served with Manchego.