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Jan 27, 2012 06:46 AM

Black Bear Saloon in Hartford? Anyone been here?

So I get a Groupon coupon offer this morning, but never have been to this place

Just wondering if its worth the drive - the deal is good - but don't want to waste my gas either,,,,

Let me know CH's!

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  1. Hi-I went there when it first opened and what I remember is that it wasn't memorable. Even with a groupon I wouldn't travel far to get there (and I live one town over from it).

    1. If you closed your eyes and ate any of their dishes, you could be at any chain restaurant in America. Not terrible but not memorable.

      1. Don't waste your money or gas!

        1. Don't bother - agree with comment of "close your eyes and you could be in any chain restaurant" - totally unmemorable food, LOUD with lots of drinkers in the bar - the restaurant was almost empty.

          1. OK thanks CH's

            Thats why I love all of you out there.....