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Jan 27, 2012 06:10 AM

Sweet potatoes

I have some sweet potatoes that I grew last summer that need to be used.

Ideas that will incorporate these three things? I can't decide if I want to cook it all together or make a separate side dish or even make a stuffing for the chops.

Inch thick boneless pork chops
Sweet potatoes
Dried wild mushrooms

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  1. You could make marsala sauce with the reconstituted mushrooms for the seared chops, and it would go well with some baked sweet potatoes (or chopped and roasted pieces, depending on their size, so they don't take 37 hours to cook through).

    Or, yeah, roast and finely chop the sweet potato, mince the reconstituted mushrooms and some citrus (orange!) zest, add some nice flavours like sage and thyme and fresh rosemary if you're packin'. Toss in a few chopped nuts if you'd like, and stuff those chops. You could make a pan jus after cooking, and serve the lot on top of polenta or some buttered egg noodles.

    1. Sunny Anderson's Sweet Potato Wedges with Allspice Maple Butter are very good. I'm sure you could cook them on a griddle if you don't have a grill pan. The butter is also good on toast, so I make the whole recipe even when I cook fewer potatoes.

      I find that they take longer than ten minutes to cook through. They'd go great with grilled pork chops.

      1. Sweet potatoes and mushrooms are wonderful together, actually. You can go two ways: roast them together with sage and rosemary and then top with gorgonzola, or you can sprinkle with chipotle chili powder and then roast, then use as you want (they make a great quesadilla or taco filling, or would be fine as just a side dish. Pork chops are such a flexible vehicle, you could season and cook them however you think would complement the rest.

        Or do a quick braise of the chops with mushrooms and sherry and then serve on a bed of mashed sweet potatoes.

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          I ended up searing the chops in some bacon fat and then just dumping onion, re- hydrated porcini mushrooms, sweet potato and some thyme leaves around and roasting until done. It would have been better to have done the chops separately, they were a little dry. Served with a broccoli gratin, also from my garden. All in all, it was pretty tasty.

        2. I dry sliced (blanched) sweet potatoes as dog treats. The chihuahua's love them.