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Jan 27, 2012 06:09 AM

What's good at Scampo?

I really wanted to go to Scampo three years ago, but my party of four (for my daughter's birthday) grew to a party of 16 and Scampo could not accommodate us that night.

That said, this visit is long overdue. I have a reservation once again and it includes my daughter and her boyfriend.

I love the menu. So many good-sounding things on it. (I'm allergic to seafood, the rest just don't care for it.)

So what do you think about these dishes which caught my eye for our group, and what do you recommend?

Handmade Breads - Elephant Ear Walking, Naan, actually all the breads sound wonderful.

Pizza - Classic tomato, Melting Stracchino, Crushed Potato & Crumbled Hot Sausage , and Lamb.

Starters: Intrigued by Hungarian Mangalica Prosciutto with warm farmer's cheese strudel, apple butter & pumpkin seed brittle.

Mozzarella Bar: All except for the King Crab.

Spaghetti - All except seafood ones.

Entrees: We're going on a Friday and the special according to menupages is Roast Suckling Pig! Sounds wonderful.

Duck Breast, Pork Chop, Brick Chicken, Steaks...

Sides - again love the sound of all of them, Soft Polenta, Roast Potatoes, Broccoli Surprise and Cheesy and Green Beans Tempura.

With so many options for non-seafood eaters on the menu, this is why I've wanted to try Scampo.

Thanks for your help and feedback.

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  1. I particularly love the spaghetti with cracklins and hot pepper. The suckling pig is delicious! And yes, get something (bread, pizza) from the wood fired oven. That's Lydia's thing for a reason.


    1. the steak, brick chicken, duck are all fine but the pork chop is exceptional (at least the previous version of it, prior to the recent menu change) as is the suckling pig. also try the panna cotta w/ sour cherries and zabaglione (mostly for the cherries and zabaglione). also enjoyed the beef stroganoff pappardelle app. the lamb shank is good but i would probably not order it again.

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      1. re: barleywino

        I'll second the spaghetti with cracklins and hot pepper. I usually get that and one of their pizzas.

      2. Porkchop, greenbeans temp, breads

        1. The naan with chicken curry is great.

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          1. re: chickendhansak

            agree (i think they call it "roti w/ chicken curry")

            1. re: barleywino

              Chick and Barley, I take it the naan or roti, is served with a hot chicken curry on the side? Sounds delicious.

              1. re: TrishUntrapped

                it's like a very large roti canai, cooked to order on the griddle, shaped into an upright umbrella-like shell and with some chicken curry poured over it. you can request soft versus crispy (or in between) if you like

          2. I never miss the Elephant Ear Walking for a starter to share. Simple dish but very delicious. I also like the Kurobuta Pork Chop and the very simple spaghetti with Lydia's Marinara sauce. I find the desserts at Scampo mediocre at best.

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            1. re: RoyRon

              RoyRon, What is the Elephant Ear Walking exactly? The only Elephant Ears I am familiar with are sweet ones made with puff pastry and sugar, called Palmiers in French. They were very popular back in the day when I was in college and working at the Brookline Bakery. Miss Boston so much. Love coming back to visit, even in February.

              You've all sold me on the pork chop. Even if I don't get it, someone will.

              1. re: TrishUntrapped

                Just came across this photo of The Elephant Ear Walking... getting it!


                1. re: TrishUntrapped

                  I hardly ever order a pork chop at a restaurant; the one Scampo is superlative.

                  I also love the cracklin's pasta.