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Jan 27, 2012 12:31 AM


It appears this site is a supporter of these SOPA/ PIPA (wide-sweeping legislations that are anti- free internet).

If so I'll gladly take my support away from the site, and tell my friends who are also foodies to discontinue visiting here.

What's up Chow? I have a strong like to this site, but will not tolerate your support of such bills to congress.

*** I don't know if you really support this legislation, but it shows up in my Chrome browser extension that lets me know what sites support it.

I would appreciate any feedback on this matter completely unrelated to my love of food.

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  1. This site is owned by CBS. You can draw your own conclusions about which side of the divide they fall with regard to content piracy vs "free" Internet content.

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      The legislation was bought by the big media companies and drafted for their protection, after all.